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We, the members of the Ashanti Regional Students Representative Council
Literary Group in order to form a group for the advancement of legitimate
literary works, do hereby institute and establish the following bye-laws.
a. The official name of the group shall be ASHANTI REGIONAL
herein after referred to as L.G.
b. The motto of the group shall be ‘Emancipation of Students Through
Literary Works’.
c. The slogan shall be, ‘L.G; we Inform, Educate and Entertain’.
The purpose of the group shall be to:
I. Educate its members and those involved in the productions of literary
II. Educate its members and audience through its productions of literary
III. Provide an artistic outlet to its members.
IV. Nurture and enhance talents for future roles.
V. Portray, preserve and promote our culture.

a. Members of the L.G shall comprise students registered with the group
regardless of race, creed, colour, religion, sex, and physique.
b. All members shall be entitled to full privileges and benefits offered by the
a. There shall exist at the regional level and in each local council a literary
group executive committee herein after called LIGEC, which shall
consist of:
I. The president
II. The vice president
III. The secretary
IV. Assistant secretary
V. Organizing secretary
VI. Assistant organizing secretary
b. The term of office for officers named in (a) above shall be one academic
c. Regional officers shall be elected at congress.
d. Local officers shall be elected at a local general meeting called for that
e. In the event of resignation, expulsion or abandonment of office by an
officer, fresh elections shall be conducted by the executives.
1. At the regional level,
A. The president,
I. Shall chair all literary group meetings.
Ii. Shall serve as a link between the REC and the LIGEC.
III. Shall be the spokesperson for the group.
IV. Shall monitor, control and supervise the group with directions from the
regional secretariat
V. In conjunction with other executive members plan the agenda for meetings.
B. The vice president shall:
I. Be in charge of the welfare of group members.II. Preside over all special
committees set up by the group.
III. Act in the absence of the president.
IV. Perform all duties assigned to him/her by the LIGEC.
C. The secretaries shall:
I. Keep true and accurate records of all group proceedings.
II. Chair meetings in the absence of the president and the vice president.
III. Perform any duties assigned to him/her by the LIGEC.
D. The Assistant secretary shall:
Perform the duties of the secretary in the absence of the secretary
Be in charge of the groups finances at the local level
Perform any other duty assigned to him/her by LIGEC.
E. The organizing secretary shall
I. Be responsible for the organization of all meetings and programs of the
II. Be responsible for and in charge of the costumes.
III. Ensure sanity and decorum during meetings.
The assistant organizing secretary:
Shall perform the duties of the organizing secretary in the absence of the
organizing secretary.
Shall perform any other duty assigned to his/her by LIGEC.

There shall be a literary group patron who shall be a tutor in the school with a
fair knowledge of literary works.
He/she shall work under the supervision of the SRC patron.
Shall coordinate all the activities at the local levels
Supervise local rehearsals to ensure compliance with the rules and regulation
of the school and the regional LG
He shall ensure the participation of the local lg in regional activities.7.
At the regional,
A. There shall be meetings and/or rehearsals which shall be regulated by the
secretariat and REC
B. At the local level, rehearsals shall be held at most twice a week unless
there is a special program approved by the regional council.
Internal and external programs
A. All internal L.G programs shall be approved by the LEC and patron
and/or head of institution.
B. All programs requesting and requiring external L.G performances shall
seek confirmation from the regional council.
C. No local L.G shall attend a program outside of its school, unless it is
sanctioned by the regional council
A. At the regional level, all LG programs and activities shall be funded by
the regional council.
B. All sanctioned local LG programs shall be funded by the local council.
C. Special programs shall be organized to raise funds but with the approval
of the local council, patron and/or head of institution.
D. Local SRC through the local L.G can organize programs to raise funds to
support local SRC initiatives.

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