Inter-Schools Soccer: Match Day Two Analysis and Predictions, Okess, Kuhis, Amass, Owass, Kumaca on radar

Day two matches of the ongoing Ashanti Regional inter-schools soccer competition kicks off tomorrow with six exciting matches at the Baba Yard stadium today. RaphSark looks at the matches, analyse them and makes bold predictions.

Match 1  Manso Adubia vs JAPASS

Perhaps this is the most unpredictable match of the day as the two sides have contrasting tactical approach to games.  Manso Adubia are well built and physical while Japass are quite duminitive but very skillful.  The unpredictability nature of the match can also be attributed to the experience of these to sides who are perennial qualifiers and also show a lot promise each time they appear. Though too close to call

RaphSark predicts a pulsating drawn game with Manso Adubia winning on penalties. Don’t rule out Japass though.

Match 2 Nsutaman vs T.I. Amass Kumasi

Though Nsutaman are expected to be tough customers for Amass, the experience of the players of Amass with four of them joinin them from ASTEC due to the transfer of Coach Alhaji will obviously prove difficult for Nsutaman.  The likes of Guy a.ka. Gattuso,  Micheal et al who have had amazing experiences playing for elite clubs like Amingo FC, Sagoemens and Brekum Arsenals in times past will prove to difficult for the Nsutaman lads. Though Amass lack cohesion in their play, the individual quality with leadership from their national under 17 star Faisal at the back will be enough to secure them victory. The sidelining of the experienced Sabuto can however be very costly.

RaphSark predicts Amass win with at least 2:0 victory.

3rd Match

Simms will feelet hard done by as the opponent there were expecting has been replaced by Kumasi High School who are relatively stronger than KOSS but the brilliant display by Simms in the qualifiers was refreshing and KUHIS will have their work clearly defined for them.

Kumasi High schools boasts of one national under 17 star Tampico who will add a lot of experience to their play but a resolute Simms side will not be easy to breakdown. Very good passing game from both sides will characterize the day but in the end the problems of high school may show again as the P.E. Tutors have been sidelined with some non-P.E. Tutors in charge now. Though people have criticised the Headmaster of KUHIS for not projecting sports as a former P.E. Tutor, Simms will gladly take advantage and make a  old statement.

RaphSark predicts a narrow victory for Simms. SIMMS 1:0 KUHIS


OKESS are pretournament favourites with very experienced Hafiz, Fatau, National u 17 star Toku Emmanuel and Poncho who are incredible talent and are expected to take the Baba Yara by storm with their scintillating and sexy football that awes the beautiful soccer loving girls. The challenge hower is their finishing.

Offinso Ahenkro based St. Michaels surprised themselves by qualifying ahead of some decent schools though they needed to shrug off a protest from Asare Bediako. Though not bad side St. Michaels will be naive due to their inexperience and will eventually succumb to OKESS.  The skillful Toku Emmanuel,  the resolute Hafiz, the experience of Fatal and Poncho will get okess not last tha  a 2 goal margin.

RaphSarkpredicts Okess victory. 2:0

Match 5

Adanwomasi will have a difficult battle kumaca who struggled to qualify with just a goal difference. Adanwomasi surprised Kumasi School when they pipped them to the qualification ticket and will feel motivated to deliver against Kumaca who did not look so convincing in the qualifiers.

RaphSark predicts Adanwomasi narrow win over Kumaca but should it travel to penalties Kumaca will pick the slot.

Match 6

Opoku Ware will not sweat so much to account for Nkawie Sectec.  Owass recorded one of the highest scorelines in the qualifiers beating Namong by 5:0 in 40 minutes and if that is anything to go by then Owass will be a handful for Nkawie.

Their wing play and counter attacking football relying on some sprinters to run opponents down was simply amazing.

RaphSark predicts a win for Owass. About 2:0 win.




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