Outcome of 12 Protest Cases; Barekese, O’Sectec,OT II Through, KTI, KUHIS, Collins SHS Hang on to Hope

Fourteen cases were this afternoon dealt with by the disciplinary committee of the Ashanti Regional Schools and colleges Sports Federation as the Federation bids to commence this year’s inter schools soccer competition. There were contrasting fortunes for the schools as the outcomes of the protest were received with joy by others while others left the protest room angered.

The following were the outcomes at the end of the legal gymnastics today at the Regional education directorate.


Obuasi sectec won their protest against Bankoman shs who made it easy by admitting guilt and apologising consequently the Obuasi based school were awarded 3 point and three goals to secure qualification.

Case 2

Osei Tutu II College were declared winners in their protest against Kenyasi SDA shs for fielding unqualified player.

Case 3

New Edubiase shs were awarded 3 points three goals to secure qualification after winning their protest against Patransra shs.

Case 4

Sakafia shs will this year play in the last 32 after Agona sectec lost their protest against them failing to prove the ineligility of the Sakafia player.

Case 5

The case involving Achinakrom SHS and Collins Commercial  has been Adjourned to 28th November 2016 after both schools failed to provide the needed documentations to back their claims. Achina SHS is protesting against the legibility of one player of  Collins Commercial  and both schools are expected to appear on Monday for a final determination.

Case 6

Dwabena Akenten this afternoon failed to prove their case against Akrofuom SHS after they failed to submit enough evidence to back their case. Subsequently Dwabena Akenten was declared losers and fined five-hundred Ghana cedis.

Case 7

Prior to this case Toases SHS was confident to win this protest against St.George’s as they felt they had a solid case but after a thorough interrogation it came to bare that it was only an omission of name St.George’s committed. The said player of St George’s SHS with a conflicting name of  Alex and Alexander and the omission of Nketia was not enough  to justify the case of TOASE SHS as the authenticity of the said player was not in doubt. Consequently, TOASE SHS was declared losers and fined five-hundred  Ghana Cedis.

Case 8

Barekese was the biggest winners today as they won all their two cases against CODTECH and Krobea Asante after they proved the ineligibility of these two schools and although they failed to win a single match in their group they have thus qualified after winning two straight protests.

Case 9

The most anticipated protest case was that of Kumasi High School against Adanwomasi shs where they were seeking to overturn the qualification of Adanwomasi by proving the ineligibility of their player.

After back and forth on the player it came to fore that it was a typo error that opened the door for the protest but High School disagreed and indicated that they suspected foul player regarding the authenticity of the certificate of the player. High school were subsequently given a grace period of up to Monday to prove their case.

Case 10

Kumasi Technical Institute are on the blink of being declared winners of their case against T.I. Amass, Fomena but will need to add some more documentary proof to buttress their case on Monday as the case was adjourned to Monday.

Case 11

Asare Bediako were close to doing a Barekese style after protesting against two schools but they were just a whisker away after winning their first case against Tepa SHS but unable to win against St. Michaels.  Therefore Asare Bediako shs were unable to qualify.








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