We’re Here for Our Girls: KUHIS storm KG-OWASS Rebound 2017 Programme

Kumasi High School this afternoon stormed Kumasi Girls SHS to offer support to their allia partners who were shockingly staging a collaborative programme with Opoku Ware School in a programme dubbed REBOUND.
The presence of Kumasi High School seemed to have attracted a lot of attention as many neutral students watched how the Kumasi Girls students will react to their presence and how the Opoku Ware Students will also receive the  students of Kumasi High School.

Kumasi High School had tried unsuccessfully to hold a similar programme with Kumasi Girls and didn’t seemed too happy to hear that Opoku Ware School had managed to secure that opportunity.

Owass has tried unsuccessfully to have a collaboration with their allia partners St. Louis SHS and turned their attention to KG who seemed to have welcomed them open heartedly much to the uhappiness of KUHIS.

The programmes was or gained by the collaborative efforts of KUGISS and Owass with the support of their school authorities.
The highly patronised programme saw over three thousand students enjoy an afternoon of entertainment full of choreography,  drama, poetry, modelling and many more.

The purpose was to raise funds to undertake SRC initiatives in their various respective schools.It remains to be seen the next line of action by Kuhis who will likely do everything possible to stage a collabo with their bonfide allia partners.



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