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LG Grand Finale Results: JAPASS, KOSS, Asass, Simms, St.Monica Tops all as OT, KASS, Adgass etc fail to Shine

It was fireworks at Kumasi Academy this weekend when over 35 schools battled it out in six categories of drama, choreography, poetry, traditional dance, comedy and live music. It was indeed a battle of talent and gift as various literary groups affirmed their superiority over the others while others proved they were no pushovers.
The competition saw creativity at its best as the audience were treated to amazing display of top class performances that could rival others anywhere else.
The judges were chosen from a pool of resourceful personalities who are on top of their game.
Popular Ghanaian actor James Aboagye and the President of a well know production house sat through the performances and finally settled on the following as eventual winners of the TALEFEST 2017.

MIGHTY JAPASS were the biggest winners on the  day after winning the two prestigious categories of drama and choreography. St. Monica won the Poetry category while Asanteman won the comedy category. Konongo Odumasi SHS won the music category with their captivating highlife performance. The following results came through after close of TALEFEST 2017.

1st JAPASS 267 pts
2nd Kwasi Oppong SHS 240 pts
3rd Armed Forces SHTS 239 pts
4th Kumasi Academy. 238 pts
5th Opoku Ware Sch. 234 pts
5th Kumasi High Sch. 234 pts
7th Adu Gyamfi SHS. 224 pts
8th St. Monica SHS. 220 pts
9th Kumasi Anglican. 213 pts

1st JAPASS. 275 pts
2nd Barekese SHS. 274 pts
3rd Asanteman SHS. 263 pts
4th Armed forces SHTS. 248 pts
5th Tweneboa Kodua SHS. 247 ptd
6th K T I. 246 pts
6th Obuasi SecTec. 246 pts
8th Kumasi Academy. 245 pts
9th Osei Tutu SHS. 234 pts
10th Wesley High SHS. 232 pts
11th Nsutaman SHS. 230 pts
11th Antoa SHS 230 pts
13th Kumasi Anglican SHS. 220 pts
13th. Adu Gyamfi SHS. 220 pts
15th St. Mary’s SHS. 214 pts
16th. Ejisu SecTec. 212 pts
17th KNUST SHS. 206 pts

1st Simms Commercial 257 pts
2nd St. Monica SHS. 252 pts
3rd Kumasi Academy. 244 pts
4th Obuasi SecTec. 243 pts
4th Bodwesango. 243 pts
6th Adu Gyamfi SHS. 237 pts
7th Oppong Memorial. 223 pts

1st Asanteman SHS 223 pts
2nd Oppong Memorial. 211 pts
3rd Kumasi High. 209 pts
4th Opoku Ware Sch. 206 pts
5th Adu Gyamfi SHS. 184 pts
6th Toase SHS. 172 pts
7th T. K. S. S. 167 pts
8th Kumasi Academy. 164 pts
9th T. I. Amass Ksi. ………

1st Konongo Odumasi SHS 260 pts
2nd Prempeh College. 245 pts
3rd. Kumasi High school. 238 pts
4th. Osei Tutu SHS. 232 pts
5th. Kumasi Academy. 227 pts
6th. Barekese SHS. 222 pts
7th JAPASS. 221 pts
8th K. T. I. 215 pts
9th Ejisu SecTec. 211 pts
10th Fomena Amass. 201 pts

1st St. Monica SHS 249 pts
2nd Fomena Amass 249 pts*
3rd Wesley High SHS 245 ptd
3rd. Aduman SHS. 245 pts*
5th Kumasi Anglican. 243 pts
6th Armed forces SHTS. 237 pts
7th Kumasi High Sch. 234 pts
8th Nsutaman SHS. 230 pts
9th Okomfo Anokye. 229 pts
10th T. I. Amass Ksi. 228 pts
11th Afia Kobi Ampem 227 pts

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