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2017 Suzo ‘Allia’ Ranking; Prempeh-Yagss tops Owass_Louis, Kuhis_KG, OT_Kobi

Beyond what happens on the actual athletics oval is another intense rivalry which attracts a lot of attention and that obviously is the strength of the alliance and bonds between the boys and girls schools at every inter schools competition.

The just ended suzo once again revealed the strength of each ‘allia’ existing between the schools. After a critical assessment of the strength and bond of alliance between the schools, our special rating revealed the following ranking:

1st position: Aman-Adehye3 allia (Prempeh/Yagss)

The two schools showed a romantic attachment to each other as they cheered at each run, throw or jump from their respective athletes. They sang for each other and showed great affection. They composed songs for each other and graciously sang their tunes to the admiration of all. This understanding and acceptance for each other couples with the fact that distance between them was never a stumbling block makes the Aman-Adehye3 ‘allia’ our winner for this year.

2nd Position: Akata-Slopsa ‘Allia’ (Owass-Louis)

The two schools once again showed great affection for each other with special composed tunes sang to the admiration of onlookers. Though their numbers could not match that of Prempeh College and Yagss, it is worth not that this historic ‘allia’ was rekindled. With the dwindling fortunes of St. Louis sports and that of Owass athletics, there were few moments to cheer but their romantic bond was still visible.

3rd Position: Mmra-Ahemaa ‘allia’ (KUHIS-KUGISS)

For many moments at suzo, the two schools found the going tough to sustain their alliance. Perhaps the fire is dieing down or the romance is dwindling. Though High School tried to generate some excitement, KG didn’t respond in a similar fashion. Maybe the distance them was partly to be blamed, it was clear that the passion and enthusiasm was not there. The poor form of KUHIS maybe did not inspire the Toronto boys to sing the victory their ‘allia’ who were relatively doing well.

4th Position: Owo-Abrempong ‘allia’- OT-Afia Kobi Ampem Girls

How OT and Kobi did not impress many watchers at the stadium was mind boggling. The usual OT jama was non existing and the passion of the Kobi girls was missing. Their numbers were not encouraging and clearly they were missing in action. OT tried something in Day two of suzo but it was a little too late. The two schools are a sight to behold if they are in their elements but for this year, we ask where were they.


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