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Yagss and Kumasi Girls disappoint as Armed Forces SHTS Sail Through, Aduman like to come back!



The prelims of the National Science and Maths quiz continued today as Ashanti schools had a bad day.


Yaa Asantewaa Girls were knocked out today as they faced tough opponents in the early stage of the competion. They started well but at the latter part, they surrendered to St. Peters of the Eastern Region

The competition ended with the winners of the contest amassing 52pts, 32pts for st. Augustine and 22pts for the ladies.

Later in the day Kumasi Girls SHS also had their contest but couldn’t give the audience its expectations. It was once clear that the Ahemaa were the favourites but the contestants of  Nkroful Agric SHS proved difficult giving the ladies a tough battle.

Kumasi Girls were behind the winners 6pts. and after smashing 26pts they have high hopes of being within the highest scoring losing schools.

Aduman amassed 41 points and are likely to get one of the tickets back to the competition as one of the highest scoring losers.

Obuasi SHTS lost to Armed Forces SHTS in an all Ashanti battle.

Day three of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) competition saw a fierce battle in the preliminary round between St. Peter’s Boys Senior High School [SHS], St. Augustine’s College and Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School.

St. Peter’s Boys SHS emerged winners after the contest at the New N block inside the University of Ghana with an impressive total of 53 points over their competitors St. Augustine’s College who managed 32 points with Yaa Asantewaa Girl’s SHS placing last with 22 points.

St. Peter’s Boys SHS represented by Gadasu John Edwin and Owusu Richard dominated the contest as they led in all 5 rounds of the contest.

The competition might however not be over for St. Augustine’s College boys as they still remain one of the schools with the highest total points despite losing at the preliminary stage of the competition.

Also at the R.S Amegashie auditorium in the University of Ghana Business School, Ola Senior High School in Ho also beat Abuakwa State College and Akatsi Senior High Technical.

The girls from Volta Region won their contest with 38 points, and were followed by Abuakwa State College who managed 28 points with Akatsi Senior High Technical placing third with a meagre 12 points.

The afternoon contest at the R.S Amegashie auditorium saw a surprise victory for Nkroful Agric SHS after their contestants made their school proud by making it to the 1/8TH stage after beating Fijai SHS and Kumasi Girls’ SHS.

Nkroful Agric SHS began the competition with an early lead with 16 points and managed to maintain that position by finishing the contest with a total of 35 points. Second placed Kumasi Girl’s SHS obtained 26 points with Fijai SHS managing 22 points.

The winning contestants from Nkroful Agric SHS
Bishop Herman College also managed a not too convincing win over Peki SHS and Atebubu SHS after winning the contest with a total of 28 points, Atebubu SHS followed with 16 points with Peki SHS managing a paltry 8 points.

Zebilla SHS in the Upper East Region ended the day’s bill of contests with a slender victory over Akumfi Ameyaw SHS and Kalpohin SHS. At the end of the contest, Zebilla SHS won the contest with a total of 22 points, with Akumfi Ameyaw SHS and Kalpohin SHS managing 21 points and 17 points respectively.

Other contests for the day saw Okuapeman SHS also make it to the 1/8TH stage of the competition after beating W.B.M Zion Senior High School and Drobo Senior High School.

Find below the scores of the various contests

Akwamuman SHS: 60

Aduman SHS: 41     

Business SHS: 13

Peter’s Boys SHS: 53
St. Augustine’s College: 32
Yaa Asantewa Girls’ SHS: 22

Ola SHS : 38
Abuakwah State College: 28
Akatsi Senior High Technical School: 12

Nkroful Agric SHS: 35
Kumasi Girl’s SHS: 26
Fijai SHS: 22

Armed Forces SHTS: 29

Ashaiman SHS: 27

Obuasi SHTS: 24……….Final round of riddles to go!

Okuapemman SHS: 44
Drobo SHS: 38
W.B.M Zion SHS: 18

Bishop Herman College: 28
Atebubu SHS: 16
Peki SHS: 8

Zebilla SHS: 22
Akumfi Ameyaw SHS: 21
Kalpohin SHS: 17

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