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Teachers ‘divided’ over ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ Phrase Appearance in Class 4 Exams.


There is no examination without a ‘question mark’ in recent times of which internal examinations are no option.

Day one of the Basic Schools promotion examination couldn’t end without any issue viable for discussion.
The most talked about issue today was the appearance of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ phrase in the examination conducted by the Center for Evaluation and Monitoring of the Ghana Education Service.
Teachers all over the country got the ‘Shock’ of their lives when they heard of the ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ phrase being used in a terminal examination for basic four pupils organized by the Ghana Education Directorate.
According to the supposed Question 10 of the English Paper written on Monday July 17, 2017,it instructs the pupils to choose appropriate Conjunction ( A.and ,B.but ,C. So .D.Or ) to fill the question bellow.
“Kumkum Baagya is a popular watched TV series ………..I don’t watch. ”
Kasapafmonline reported the opinions raised by teachers of the school citing the question as not being relevant to the Pupils, and an onward accusation of the education directorate for not setting questions from the syllabi.
EducationGhana’s checks reveal that the said examination was not written by only Schools in the Yilo Krobo Municipality but in most of the Schools across the country.
According to sections of teachers across the country,they believed, taking phrases from ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ may appeal to the Pupils to take much interest in watching the telenovela.
Other teachers thought otherwise, citing the irrelevance of the ‘topic’ under discussion.
Such teachers spoke from the perspective, that the Kumkum Bhagya being a very popular telenovela shown on Adom TV is not a secret to the pupils and meeting that in their terminal examination never meant they should go and watch the telenovela.
Some of the teachers criticizing the media for not willing to project issues affecting teachers but could go to the extent of looking for only negative news about the Education sector.
Majority of the teachers believed that the media should be willing not only promote the negative sides of the sector but also the positive aspects as well.

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