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MP Supports Free SHS.

The assembly member for Beposo electoral area in the Bosomtwe district at the Ashanti region Hon Maxwell Yaw Anochie has underscore the need for government to focus much attention on grass root schools.According to him, Schools with in his electoral area are suffering very much interms of social amenities. He lamented on overpopulated students in a class which is equivalent to 65 students per a teacher which is making learning difficult in terms of marking of exercise books .As a result some parents has taken out their children to private schools. He added JHSschool which takes more than 300 students has develop a serious cracks which is a threat to the students life.Hon Maxwell lay more emphasis on free SHS which will take off next month that, the government need to reconsider his decision because some senior high schools lack infrastructure, social amenities which Beposo senior high is perfect example. Mr Anochie say’s the mentioned senior high lack computers to study not even a single laptop is the schools, potable drinking water is a problem and also the buildings in the school are from ancient times not even a single laptop is in Beposo school from Primary to SHS how can this schools compete with those in the cities to write final exams because all their teaching are not practical but theory.So he is appealing to the government to reconsider his decision and take free SHS to villages with quality education.


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