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Free SHS Reports: Staff Motivation reduced from GH30 to 20GH

Reports from indicate that the special staff motivation package for teachers will be reduced under the free SHS policy.

The genesis of the Free Senior High School implement by government has been met with several challenges.

The managers of the policy hasn’t been relented in their course for an all inclusive educational policy.

With the introduction of the Free SHS Policy,teacher motivation fee/dues/levy which was a token of parents/guardians appreciation to teachers for their immense contributions in shaping the minds of their wards have been slashed to GHC20.0 per annum or (GHC6.67 per term) per each student in government’s attempt to absorb fees for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Over the years,Parents through the approval of Government paid GHC30.0per annum(Ghc10.0 per term) to their various PTA account in SHS to be used as a token of motivation to both teeaching and Non-teaching Staff.

Initially by consensus ,Non teaching Staff who also contribute in educating students were included under the bill item for SHS as “STAFF INCENTIVE LEVY” (GHC10.0per term & GH30.0).

This GHC 30.0 per annum to be absorbed by government has been slashed to GHC20.0 per annum(GHC6.67 per term).


According to Nana Addo, the GHC20.00Teacher motivation is strictly to be shared by Teachers since non teaching staff do not stay with the students during instructional hours.

Again,government’s Policy says EXTRACLASSES is illegality and even if PTAunder its General Meeting passed anyResolution on any charge(s) ,it SHALL NOT BE COMPULSORY/MANDATORYfor a parent to PAY NOR BASES to deny the ward/child education, even if the Parents/refuses to pay/or are unable to pay.

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