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See Who Came To Class Today: Obama Surprises High School Students in Class

If you ever needed a stronger reason to never miss a day of school, look no further than the students of McKinley Technology High School in Washington DC. The students received an incredible surprise on Sept. 8: a visit from former president Barack Obama.

In a video posted to Obama’s Instagram page, the 44th president of the United States casually walks into a meeting and says, “Hey, how’s it going, everybody?” Naturally, the students were stunned. In a statement from Obama spokesman Keith Schiller, it’s revealed that the former president visited the high school to talk about education and community service. “President Obama is focused on supporting the next generation of leaders,” the statement said, according to The Hill. “Today’s meeting is part of that ongoing conversation with young people.” In the video, Obama explains to the students why he has always tried to meet young people wherever he has traveled, saying, “I do believe that most of the problems we have are going to be solved by you.”

shocked to see his Hero

Eric Schultz, an adviser to the former president, also posted a photo of Obama with the students to Twitter.

The lesson here, again, is you should never skip school, kids: not only is it not something you should do, but also keep in mind that if you do, you might end up missing a random visit from Barack Obama.


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