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11th September 2017

Greetings from the Sector Secretariat of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana – Ashanti and Brong Ahafo (TTAG-ASHBA). As the Association has vowed to furnish her members with credible information to clear all doubts and misapprehesions we do hereby rise to inform all Trainees that the restoration of the teacher trainees allowances as promised by the NPP government in their manifesto encapsulates all Trainees ranging from first (1st) year to third (3rd) year.

Please every Trainee must take note that the allowances are going to be given to trainees only In schooling hours meaning no money will be received by any trainee when College is on recess.

Because the allowances are going to be made on monthly bases the feeding fees and other deductions are also on monthly terms. This is how the structure of payment and the other deductions have been made ;

* Feeding fee per trainee is *GHC 6.50*

* Other deductions ( utilities) is *GHC 0.50*

All amounting to *GHC 7.00* per trainee per day.

Every month will amount to *GHC 196. 00* per trainee.

This will leave *GHC 204* remaining as the amount to be giving to trainees after the TTAG dues has been deducted which is not decided yet by the Leadership of TTAG so we are still sticking to the original remaining figure *GHC 204.*

Every Semester encompasses *4 months and eventually an academic year is *8 months* so mathematically every trainee will receive *GHC 816* per semester and *GHC 1,632* per year.

With that of the feeding and other deductions, the Colleges will absorb *GHC 784* per semester and *GHC 1,568* per year.

After the deductions, the remaining amount of *GHC 204* will hit the account of every teacher trainee per month from the Students Trust Loan Fund ( STLF) with which the entire *GHC 400* will be released by the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE).

We are also making it categorically clear that the Students Trust Loan Fund (STLF) *is likely to seize* giving out loans to trainees as it was before when it was replaced with the scrapping off of the allowances by the erstwhile government.

In the case of the Third years and MENTEES, because they will be on the out program and won’t be charged for feeding Grant for the academic year, the various College Principals will liaise with the local TTAG Presidents, make the necessary deductions and release the remaining amount to them.

We are also reminding every teacher trainee to do your possible best to register the *SSNIT card* and *E-zwich card* if you have not even had any Instructions from college authorities to do so and must be sent along with you to college on reopening.

Pulling the clarification strings on the postings of the Newly Trained Teachers, the Ministry of Education is waiting on the Ministry of Finance to give the financial clearance which will be given only on the condition that the last three courses have been marked and cleared by the tutors which is yet to be done. For the time being let us all exercise delaying gratification in waiting for the system to work for you and be devoid of rushing to receive the postings now. Should any newly Trained Teacher be duped because of the postings will be your own yard to mow.

Explicating more on the licensure exam, per the orientation that was given by the National Teaching Council (NTC) to third (3rd) years in most of the colleges when they were at the verge of completing college, It is to commence and be piloted with the current newly Trained Teachers after their one year induction teaching service and this may be next year August/September. Nevertheless, this decision by the NTC is tentative since they failed to pre inform the various Teacher Unions before embarking on the orientation which saw a number of resistance from both college students and some other Teacher Unions.

The New development is that the National Teaching Council has now reverted to following that protocol and has engaged the Teacher Unions to deliberate and dissect more into that policy. For the time being all Newly Trained Teachers must sit tight and wait for the outcome.

Thank you.


Hon. Thompson Owusu Baah
*( President; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0545324462)

Hon. Hope Baidoo Emmanuel
*( Vice President; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0248590362)

Hon. Effah Boateng Benjamin
*( Coordinator; TTAGASHBA )*
( 0242118230)

Hon. Jambo James
*(Gen. Secretary; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0543093486)

Hon. Priscilla Owusu Antwi
*( Vice Gen. Secretary; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0548000217)

Hon. Okain Enock
*( Financial Secretary; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0545145087)

Hon. Mavis Owusu Sarfowaa
*( Treasurer; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0201783096)

Hon. Joana Mensah
*( Women’s Commissioner; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0547900976)

Hon. Okyere Darko Emmanuel
*( Public Relations Manager; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0242747625)

Hon. Amponsah Theophilus
*( Organizing Secretary; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0249578849)

Hon. Aboagye-Danso Foster
*( Vice Organizing Secretary; TTAG_ASHBA )*
( 0242666194)


*All SRC Presidents TTAG_ASHBA*
*All Teacher Trainees TTAG_ASHBA*
*All media houses*

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