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Amazing: Meet the 22-year-old Harvard graduate believed to be the next Einstein

Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski is a 23-year-old who is pursuing her PhD at Harvard University and that is not her only achievement. Compared to the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, Sabrina Pasterski is the youngest person to ever fly their own plane.

When she was only 14, she constructed her own single-engine plane all by herself and then flew it across Lake Michigan. It took her two years to complete the feat which she documented on Youtube.

In 2010, she graduated from Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and enrolled with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sabina had to wait to be accepted at MIT but when the Professors Allen Haggerty and Earll Murman saw her video of the plane, they were more than convinced that Sabina deserved her place at MIT.

She spent three years at MIT and during her stint there, she achieved the highest possible grade point average of 5.0. She graduated at the top of her class at MIT Physics and was also the first girl to win the MIT Physics Orloff Scholarship award.

She is now working at her doctorate at Harvard University. The University has granted her full academic freedom with absolutely no interference from the staff. This alone speaks volume about her prowess and intelligence.

In 2015, she was listed in the Forbes magazine’s annual 30 under 30 listing of young game changers, movers, and makers. It was not her first such honor. As a sophomore in MIT in 2012, she was in Scientific American’s 30 under 30 list for her reputation as an up-and-coming physicist.

Sabrina takes on any challenge head on and is driven to prove nothing is impossible. As per Harvard University website, “I see no limit to what we can achieve and view the word ‘impossible’ as a challenge,” she says.

She has her own website, PhysicsGirl, which is also the name of her Youtube channel, where she documents all her work.

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