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Incredible: Replay of the Replay as Owass vs Prempeh B-Ball Final-2 Ends Without A Winner Again

Like a Hollywood scripted movie, the replay of the final between Opoku Ware School and rival Prempeh College in the Ashanti Regional Inter-schools Basketball competition will have to be replayed again. Today’s replay ended abruptly after the rains disrupted the match after the third quarter of the match. Defending Champions Opoku Ware School were in the lead with 24:21 before the game was rained off.

The high tensioned match was moved to a neutral ground today at Toase Senior High School to avoid any potential clash between supporters of the two schools but the neutrality of the venue did not deter people from  traveling to watch the match.

It was a closely contested game with Prempeh College matching Opoku Ware boot for boot in every department of the game. By the 3rd quarter through Owass was in the lead by 24:21 and cruising to victory before the showers of heaven came down and forced Organizers to call of the game.

12 Minutes is allocated for each quarter but with 3 minutes to end the 3rd Quarter, the rains came down.

TheFederation will meet to determine whether to replay the entire game for the 3rd time or to play the last quarter only to decide who will be crowned as the 2017/2018 Champion of the Ashanti Regional Inter-schools basketball competition.

It will be recalled that the first match ended 16:16 before it called off due to low visibility.

In the nutshell the replay of the final match will be replayed again at a later date.

One thing on the lips of the many supporters who watched the match today though was that Ashanti will have worthy Representatives in this year’s Spriteball Championship.

Stay tuned…….


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