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Alarm: Dwenti College calls on Minister of Educ to intervene, We’ve been Robbed for OKESS

The Proprietor of Dwenti College has vehemently protested against his disqualification from the Inter-schools soccer competition against OKESS.

Dwenti College qualified in the group with OKESS, Beposo and St. Hubert but suffered disqualification following a protest by OKESS.

However the Proprietor of Dwenti College is peefed about the discussion describing it as day light robbery and expressing his displeasure about the Federation’s decision.

The full complaints of the Proprietor is published below.



The annual inter schools and colleges soccer games was instituted in GES curriculum to unearth talents within the second cycle institutions. It is not a platform for the so called “bigger schools” to exhibit their superiority but rather nurture soccer talents for national teams; this is the only reason Ghana government uses tax payers money to invest in these games.

There is no doubt that some schools are bigger than others in terms of facilities and achievements over the years but this shouldn’t take away fairness and level playing grounds of a soccer competition.

The story of DWENTI COLLEGE is very pathetic and we believe many people bear the same sentiments but too feeble to voice it out.
After paying our annual capitation for sports for the year 2016/2017, we seriously prepared to partake in the men’s soccer. We were grouped with Okess, St. Hubert SHS and Beposo SHS. Without kicking a ball we were disqualified on a protest made by the then Sports master of Okess on the grounds that there wasn’t a PE tutor in group photograph. We thought that on a fairer grounds, they should have allowed us to first finish playing our matches and then protest against us. We made an official complaint to the regional federation but the regional sports coordinator just threw us out without any fair hearing. Never did they consider the cost involved in preparing for the games. Neither did they consider risk involved in traveling from Kumawu to Kumasi to honour the games.

We never lost hope and started early preparation for the 2017/2018 men’s soccer games. Fortunately or unfortunately we happened to be in the same group with Okess, St Hubert and Beposo. Dwenti College managed to win the group after all the intimidation and bad officiating. Many people who came to Prempeh College on the 14th November, 2017, saw that we were by far the best team on the day.

Okess after this humiliation protested against us for fielding unqualified players against them. Never did they protest on the basis of a typographical error in our general team sheet from their protest letter.

We submitted all the necessary documents (admission register, BECE result slip, receipts and continuous assessment) on the said students.
Guess who was the
Secretary to committee? The former Okess PE tutor ( the one who solely disqualified us last year); A big case of conflict of interest.

During the hearing, the panel never tackled the issue of the unqualified players raised by Okess but rather dwelt on an error made on the index numbers on the general team sheet. Surprisingly, they never cross examined the accuser (Okess) nor asked them any question. What baffles us is the manner in which the panel colluded and spoke for Okess highlighting on the typographical error which Okess never raised in their protest, which clearly showed their interest in Okess winning the case.
For a someone to be a true owner of a certificate ( BECE certificate) the certificate must bear the his name, the school that he/she completed, the year of completion and picture of the person and not only the index number. It is very much amusing that this panel ignored all the very details on the certificate which we duly presented but rather centered typographical errors in the index numbers on the general team sheet. Does this make a student an unqualified player? So wonderful.

These so called ” smaller schools” struggle very much in raising funds to partake in these games. We just do it out of love and also hope that at least some of students could get to the next level in the sport. Surprisingly, both “bigger” schools and “smaller” schools pay the same amount of capitation.

1. Is it now a crime to set up a private initiative in the country?
2. Are these games ment purposely for some few schools. Can’t the organizers just tell us that us we are simply not part of it.
3. Can’t our students too get the opportunity to showcase their talents and be selected into the national teams. Are they not Ghanaians? Should it always come from some few schools?
4. Why is there no private school representative on the disciplinary committee?
5. Should we allow our national sport to be manipulated by a few allies and cronies. Should we allow this very few people cheat the system and kill the talents of some Ghanaian students.

Dwenti College has been cheated and a victim of injustice. We therefore humbly appeal to the Minister of Education, The Director of GES, the National Director of School’s sports ,The Regional Director of GES, the members of the media and everyone who has been a victim of this rot system to come to our aid. We are counting on your unflinching support. Thank you.

Okyere Krapah
(Proprietor, Dwenti College)


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