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Not Yet Over; Mansoman Appeals against KASS; Player identity Revealed

The unending saga of the protest case involving Mansoman SHS and Kumasi Anglican SHS will continue tomorrow as the Manso based school has filed an appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision to disqualify them against Kass.

The appeal has been filed in time to be heard tomorrow ahead of Wednesday’s kick off at the Baba Yara stadium.

Meanwhile can reveal that the boy in question Micheal Agyei whose picture appears below  and claims that the two pictures are his identity will still be the bone of contention between the two schools.

The Disciplinary Committee were not convinced about Mansoman’s defence as they found the picture on the B.E.C.E. certificate different from the picture on the ID card used to play the said match as well as the real Michael Agyei in person.

An affidavit brought by Mansoman that sought to reconcile some discrepancies in the name Agyei and Adjei and  interrogated strongly by the Committee was found to be unconvincing.

Mansoman found the decision of the DC unconvincing and have tabled an appeal to be heard tomorrow by different panel.

Micheal Agyei identify from JHS to now. KASS’s qualification therefore hangs on a balance as they wait for the appeals committee decision tomorrow.

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