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To Protest or Not; Update of Protest Situation; KUHIS, O.T., Prempeh ponders…..

Over one hundred schools participated in the qualifiers of the Ashanti Regional Inter-school soccer competition. Thirty-two schools qualified to the Baba Yara Stadium to compete in the round of 32.
After four days of competition, eight teams have qualified to compete in the quarter final stage of the competition tomorrow with four teams expected to book semi final tickets.

However after close of proceedings yesterday, three schools, Kumasi High School, Prempeh College and Osei Tutu SHS declared intention to protest and had up to 9am today to file their protest to beat the deadline.

Here is a run down of the protest situation as at 7am this morning;

Kumasi High School officially lodged their protest properly endorsed by their Assistant Headmaster and tabled it in with the required protests fee of Gh100 cedis against T. I. Amass-Fomena.
However after a while the P. E. Tutors were not convinced about their evidence and felt it will be wild goose chase.
They then declared a verbal intention to withdraw the protest but are told to put it in official communication.
They managed to write it but the letter withdrawing the protest was signed by a P. E. Tutor instead of the Assistant Headmaster who earlier endorsed the original one.
The P. E. Tutors then took it upon themselves to get him to sign the withdrawal letter to officially rescind their decision to protest.
Decision: Kumasi High School will not go ahead with their protest based on lack evidence.

Prempeh College were solid in their conviction that they will have a case against Sakafia SHS for the usage of unqualified players. Prempeh College actually managed to go to Dompoase D/A where about three of the Sakafia players completed to ascertain some unclarity about the photos of the players.
Prempeh worked really hard behind the scenes to convince the head teacher of the Dompoase D/A JHS to produce the registration photo album of the batch and managed to get it. However they detected that the photo album actually matched what appeared on the WAEC page. The unclarity the headteacher explained was because it was a late registration and that the said players were not available to take the passport pictures so they had to use their hardcopy passport pictures which looked very unclear. The genuine explanation given by the Head teacher was enough to convince them those players were genuinely registered by Sakafia at Dompoase SHS and were qualified to play.

Decision: Prempeh College will not go ahead with their protest.


Osei Tutu lost in a dramatic penalty shootout to Islamic SHS yesterday and hurriedly declared intention to protest against a player of Islamic who they suspected should have played the maximum three years and hence unqualified to play. However a lack of effort from them to fish out for the identity of the said player on the team sheet did not convince one of their Assistant Headmasters who felt not much work had been done to warrant a protest. The master felt mere suspicion cannot justifier the.protest and the P. E. Tutors should have done more extensive work to warrant the protest.

Decision: O.T. may not go ahead with their protest.

Asanteman SHS contemplated a protest against a first year Adu Gyamfi player but may not go ahead after they sighted his original placement form and didn’t feel strongly about their protest.

Deadline for protest filing is 9am this morning..


Stay tuned…..



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