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UE/R: 28 Students Arrested As Riot Rocks Fumbisi SHS


Another student riot has rocked the Upper East region at the Fumbisi Senior High Agric School with a mass arrest of as many as 28 boarding students believed to have taken part in the upheaval.

Eleven students, some of whom fainted and sustained serious injuries during a stampede, were rushed to the Fumbisi District Hospital.

The unrest, said to have been triggered by delayed supper, comes a month after angry students at the Bolgatanga Senior High School (Big Boss) ravaged property worth thousands of Ghana cedis on campus over the “needless” death of a schoolmate.

The latest turmoil erupted Sunday night after supper, which was scheduled for 5:30pm, was delayed as cooks were still frying some fish to supplement a meal of kenkey and pepper for the boarders.

Some students claimed the occasion was not the first time supper was taken too late on campus. They felt it was time they rejected further excuses from the cooks and the school’s management. And they called for a general boycott of the meal in protest against persistent delays in serving them.

But the boycott calls were thrown away by some students when the cooks brought into the dining hall parts of the fish being fried at the kitchen so that some could start taking their meal whilst the others would wait until the rest of the fish were ready. The division resulted in chaos inside the dining hall as those who maintained their boycott posture hurled stones at their compromised mates and got rocks in return.

REGSEC storms the school after the riot

The night anarchy deepened when some students, amid flying stones, broke into the school’s food store, made away with tons of stuffs, caught several stray animals on the compound and ran after teachers with stones and sticks. The cooks also were not spared a pitiless share of the stone-throwing violence that lasted for hours until armed police officers arrived to crush the demonstration. Whilst the officers were making arrests everywhere, several students fled the campus, hopping into any vehicles they could find to leave the area.

The development was a replay of what students did in similar circumstances some time ago at the Navrongo Senior High School (NAVASCO) where a teacher, who had just washed his hands to take his supper after a tiring day, fled the dining table half-dressed with his wife when he heard the sounds of the drumming feet of some bare-chested schoolboys approaching his official bungalow. The rioting students sat at the table, ate his food like their own and left to rejoin their campus comrades in a violent rally that ended with mass arrests.


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