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Vaccines arrive as KUMACA students prepare for vaccination

Information gathered by suggests that the vaccines for the H1N1 Type ‘A’ Viral Influenza is due to arrive in the country late this evening.

The health service in the Ashanti region is predicting that it will begin administering the vaccinations by THURSDAY immediately the vaccines touchdown in Kumasi.

The priority target groups for the vaccination exercise will be the students of Kumasi Academy Senior High School (KUMACA) where the disease killed four and infected over eighty five others.

The vaccination will also be extended to staff Of Kumaca and their dependants living on campus and health staff who saw to the treatment of the infected students.

According to sources, the decision to immediately begin administering the shots because the school is planning to vacate by Friday.

The students number up to two thousand and thirty but staff of the school and their dependants living on campus and the health staff who took care of the infected patients will push the numbers to about 3000.

Some 40 nurses are being immediately recruited for a short training before the vaccination exercise.

The Health Service believes it will not take them more than a day to finish administering the vaccines.

Meanwhile, the ten day period given to ascertain whether or not the Virus is totally eradicated appears to be broken as on Monday a student attended to the Manhyia Hospital with similar symptoms. gathers that the samples have been taken to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) for investigations.

If his condition is confirmed to be H1N1Type ‘A’ 2009, then a new ten day period will begin counting from this patient.

This will have upset the hopes of declaring the disease eradicated at day 6 of the ten day period.

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