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Gold Track SHS Students Not Worried About Reporting In November

Some fresh students in the Gold Track category posted to schools in the Central Region say they are not worried about the fact that they would have to report to school in November.

Contrary to widely held views that the period within which the Gold Track students will stay at home till November, could adversely affect their academic performance and social lives, the students who spoke to Citi News said that cannot be the situation.

The Gold Track prospective students visited the schools on Tuesday alongside their Green counterparts to go through the official registration and report later in November.

According to them, the period will rather serve as an opportunity for them to work on themselves academically before they report in November.

At Mfantipim School, Cape Coast, a Gold Track student said, “It is really helpful because some needy parents may have time to plan for their children. I was having some pre-SHS classes, so I am going to continue until November”.

Another student under the same track said, “They said they will be organizing classes for the Gold students and I will attend the classes till November”.

Though this year’s placement and admissions have created some anxiety, students of the Green Track, together with their parents at Mfantsipim School, have welcomed the system, arguing that this year’s registration for admissions has not been as stressful as was reported last year.

Meanwhile, some parents of the Green Track students think the time given for registration and the time academic work will start is short.

A parent told Citi News, “This year is different; I think the only problem is rushing of the registration because it is only three days that was given for the children to come to school: it should have been at least one week”.


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