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17 Year Old Sakawa Boy Sprays Money on the street





A 17-year-old internet fraudster has been captured on camera spraying cash around to flex his financial muscle.

He continuously threw the bundles of money through the window of the car, as residents of the community rushed to pick them up.

The residents kept cheering him on as he continued to throw more money to the ground.

It is unknown what the teenager’s real name is, but his is popularly referred to as ‘Money Beast’.

A video of the said ‘sakawa’ boy has since gone viral on social media, as he is known for often throwing money around.

In the video, the teenager is seen being driven in a Honda CRV with registration number GY 170-13 which appeared to be part of a convoy.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, some internet fraudsters opened up about their wealth and the source of it.

They said they have millions of dollars in the bank, some of which they have used to buy the latest cars, build costly mansions and acquire many good things of life.

However, they confessed that their lives are characterised by pain and sorrow because of ritual sacrifices they have to perform every month.

Meanwhile, some social media users expressed varying views by the CSR act of this ‘Sakawa’ boy.







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