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High School Debate: MUNCHE, KNUST SHS March on, KUHIS, OT Bow Out

It was a battle fit for the gods as Osei Tutu SHS took on KNUST SHS in the 1/16th stage of the maiden edition of the Luv FM /ARSRC High School Debate at the Auditorium of Christian Service University College.

Osei Tutu SHS were speaking in favour of the motion “Ghana can do without aid” advanced some laudable points to support their argument.

Osei Tutu were convinced that given given the right leadership and attitude by Ghanaians, the dream of Ghana without aid will be a reality.

However KNUST SHS were opposed to the motion and supported their claim with the begging attitude of our leaders for aid contradicting their mantra.

The judges scored it 74-77 for OT, 81-85 for Knust SHS and 70-72 for KNUST SHS. In total, it was 228 to 232 for KNUST SHS against Osei Tutu SHS.

Kumasi High school then faced off with St Monica SHS from Mampong on the motion “Plastics must be banned”

Kumasi High School spoke in favour of the motion while the ladies from Mampong were against the motion.

It was exciting to behold as the two schools advanced various points to argue their points out.

In the end St. Monica SHS won the contest.

71-68 for MUNCHE, 73-72, 67-65 all for St Monica SHS on the scores of the three judges.

Opoku Ware School battled it out with Konongo Odumasi SHS in day 2 of the ongoing Luv FM / ARSRC High School Debate.

Speaking on the motion “The use of Mobile Phones in SHS should be encouraged “, Opoku Ware spoke in favour of the motion and articulated their points strongly.

Konongo Odumasi spoke against the motion. The Principal Speakers and supporting Speakers of both OWASS and KOSS were at each others throats disputing claims and enforcing various viewpoints.

In the end OWASS won the contest with 220 points with KOSS securing 211 points.

The evicted school Konongo Odumasi SHS took home a brand new water dispenser, exercise books, hampers, two thousand worth of airtime among others.

The first quarter final clash was revealed after the contest and will see Yaa Asantewaa Girls battle it out with Opoku Ware School.

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