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Armed Forces, Tepa SHS Defeat Monica’s and KNUST SHS To Book Semi-Final Tickets

Tepa Senior High School overcame National Independence Debate Champions KNUST SHS to book a semi final ticket to meet Opoku Ware School in the ongoing Luv FM /ARSRC High School Debate.

Tepa went into the contest as underdogs speaking in favour of the motion “Beauty pageants are a waste of national resources ” with KNUST SHS against the motion. Tepa managed to advance very solid points to back their claim citing various references and Publications to suggest that organizers of these pageants benefit more than the participants. Their claim was that the meagre resources of this nation should not be channelled into beauty pageants which has no direct benefits to the teaming populace. KNUST SHS spoke against the motion buttressing their point with evidence that many pageants have empowered ladies to establish themselves in various fields and impacted many individuals with their projects. In the end,  the judges scored it 234 to 229 in favour of Tepa SHS who will now meet Opoku Ware School in the Semifinals.

In the 2nd contest of the day Armed Forces SHTS shocked St  Monica SHS after a narrow victory to book a date with T. I. Amass in the semifinals.

Speaking on the motion “mixed sex halls, a remedy to indiscipline, Case study of Katanga and Unity Hall” the two sides were assertive in their various views about the motion. But in the end Armed Forces SHTS prevailed after a narrow winning on two of the scores of the three judges.

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