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Armed Forces SHTS, Thrashes OWASS, St. Hubert, Fomena to Win Ultimate High School Quiz

The Armed Forces Senior High Technical School has beaten three schools in the Ashanti Region, to emerge winners of the Ultimate High School Quiz 2019.

The quiz spearheaded by the Ashanti Regional Student Representative Council with the able partnership of Ultimate 106.9 fm, kicked off 5 months ago with a hundred and twenty schools that were whittled down to 24 schools.

These senior high schools went through hotly and closely contested rounds; further reduced to 16 schools; later brought down to eight schools in the semi – finals and eventually four contenders whose school flags stood tall after the storm.

Per the tenets of the arts biased quiz, students had to demonstrate their fluency in English grammar and syntaxes; their depth of knowledge in Social Studies and how studious they have been in current affairs.

The students were also tested on their solomonic dexterity in unlocking the codes of difficult problems of the day and their clairvoyance in answering to riddles and top of all, the sights and sounds where students had to identify images of just anything and tell whose voice was in the sound clip.

The finals saw the Armed Forces SHTS, Opoku Ware Senior High School, St Hubert Seminary Senior High School and T.I. Ahamadiyya Fomena slug it out for the top spot.

The much anticipated grand finale kicked off with electric euphoria; the loudest coming from the Opoku Ware School and the St. Hubert Seminary Senior High School.

With 27.5 and 32.5 points respectively, OWASS and St. Hubert appeared to have taken off with a good pace coming tops in ROUND 1 which constituted English grammar, spellings and literature.

From a wobbly start however, TI AMASS Fomeana begun showing promise from Round 2 Social Studies clocking 15 points with all the other schools making nine points.

By the time social studies, current affairs, general knowledge and audio visuals were over; Armed Forces had taken a decisive lead thrashing all three contenders.

The hall went completely ecstatic when the quiz master declared the results with Armed Forces recording an overall mark of 81.5, Opoku Ware and St Hubert both recording 51.5 and TI AMASS Fomena trailing with 49 points.

ST. Hubert and Opoku Ware had to later take on extra rounds to break a tie for the second and third positions.

Speaking to Ultimate News, the ultimate winners, the Mmarimamma from the military barracks, indicated that their preparations merited the feat.

The first runner up Opoku Ware School remained loud but still had to nurse the wounds of their inability to retain their position as former reigning champions.

The winner took away a 40inch television set, 10 thousand worth of airtime, 2 thousand cedi cash, a branded wall clock, 6 months free training in coding and souvenirs from sponsors.

The Opoku Ware School took a thousand five hundred cedis cash, a 32 inch television, a branded wall clock, souvenirs and eight thousand worth of airtime.

The third school St. Hubert Seminary SHS took a thousand cedis cash, a table top fridge, a branded wall clock, souvenirs and six thousand cedi worth of airtime.

T.I. Ahamadiyya Fomena SHS took a thousand cedis cash, four thousand cedis worth of airtime, souvenirs from sponsors and a branded wall clock.

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