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Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) Ash Debunks GNACOPS Baseless allegation Against Ashanti REG. Dir. of Educ.

The Ashanti regional leadership of the Ghana National Association of Private School (GNAPS) has expressed absolute disgust on the irresponsible conduct of the Executive Director of Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) Mr. Enoch Gyetuah.
The Ashanti Regional Leadership is shocked by the unfortunate media publicity and engagement targeted at law abiding Education officials especially the Ashanti Regional Director of Ashanti.
We have been awed by this unfortunate campaign to cast a slur on the hard won reputation of the Madam Mary Owusu Achiaw.
The so called Executive Director of this breakaway body called GNACOPS is bent on using unconventional tactics to paint law abiding authorities black in order to satisfy his whims and caprices.
The Regional Leadership of GNAPS, the mother body of most Private Schools in the Region has gone through various engagements since the commencement of the Curriculum Training from Headquarters of G.E.S. through to the Regional Directorate in our quest to get our members trained in preparation for the take off of the Standard based Curriculum implementation. This fruitful engagement culminated in an official letter signed by the Regional Director following our appeal to her which called on heads of private school within the Directorate to make their teachers available for training.
This gesture by the Directorate deserves plaudits and commendation and it is very unfortunate that our young breakaway body GNACOPS is hiding behind various platforms to direct unwarranted and unfortunate attacks on the integrity of this astute and principled Educationists.

In reference to a letter dated 7th August, 2019 referenced DA 9/182/01 and signed by Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, Deputy Minster, General Education, “To ensure a well-coordinated, effective and successful roll out training for Private schools, you are respectfully requested to relay this information to all Regional and District Officers and further implore their collaboration to this exercise”.
The multimillion questions raised by the aforementioned have always been;
Why is Mr. Gyetuah and his GNACOPS failing to collaborate with G.E.S. for the training for his members and why is he not complying to standards?

Why is Mr. Gyetauh and his GNACOPS using 3 and half days for the exercise instead of the recommended 5 days, per what he did at OKESS?

Why is he clustering participants into big halls which reduces the effectiveness of the exercise per observations during his training at OKESS?

Why is Mr. Gyetuah and his GNACOP leadership so bent on taking monies and training the schools when clearly they don’t have the capacity to?

Why this aggressive media campaign against any G.E.S. official who insists on due procedure?

Which body is monitoring the conduct of the purported training being organized by the leadership of GNACOPS?

Is the training standardized and in conformity with the time table for earmarked for the exercise?

Why has the Director become an enemy when she is insisting on due procedure and proper monitoring for the exercise?

Why did the Regional Leadership of GNACOPS apologize for their actions and inactions against the Director when they engaged her?

Which private schools do the leadership of GNACOPS own to have the legitimacy to engage in this unfortunate act on behalf of private schools?
Per all engagements with the two bodies representing the Private Schools, absolute consultation with the Ghana Education Service has always been highlighted. It is therefore unfortunate that the leadership of GNACOPS will descend so low because of greed and selfish gains to attack an innocent authority who is insisting on the right thing.

We call on well meaning Ghanaians to disregard all negative publicity targeted at the Ashanti Regional Director of Education.
The regional leadership of Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) will continue to engage structured authorities of education in the conduct of the standard based Curriculum Training for its members.
We express our total solidarity with the G.E.S and the Directorate at all times in the development of education.
Mr. Joseph Donkor (Vice-Chairman, GNAPS-Ashanti—) 0244-528-492

Mr. Odametey Ofori (Regional Secretary, GNAPS)–0242514233

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