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Luv/ARSRC High Sch Debate: KASS Qualify to the Round of 19 as TOSS hangs on

Excitement hit peak levels at the Christian Service University College auditorium when a debater acknowledged a correction to wrong language use by an opponent.

Asanteman Senior High School’s Principal Speaker, Emmanuel Niiquaye, in a concluding remark, admitted he was wrong in the usage of the expression ‘quote and unquote’ to precede a statement.

His opponent, Doreenda Nti, of Kumasi Anglican SHS insisted it should be ‘quote’ followed by the statement and ‘unquote’.

Arguing for the motion, ‘Formal Education Qualification, Essential for Securing a Job?’, the Asanteman team emphasised that inherent entrepreneurship qualities are unearthed through education.

The debaters stressed businesses owned by illiterates were well managed by people with high formal education.

Their opponents never downplayed the importance of education but they believe it is not essential in a job search.

Toase SHS and Kumasi Girls SHS came up strongly against each other on the topic; “Arts and Music, rather than Science and Maths, Build Stronger Nations”.

Toase SHS Principal Speaker, Jennifer Atiah, who spoke for the motion maintained Arts, especially, music, has therapeutic effect necessary in healthcare delivery.

Her opponent from Kumasi Girls Senior High School, Benidicta Boateng, vehemently disagreed.

She believes her opponent’s line of thinking is the reason countries like the United States are doing better than Ghana.

She argues Science and Mathematics are the foundation of strong and robust economies in developed countries.

With practical examples around the auditorium, combined with good oratory skills, they cited science made it possible for their opponents to travel a long distance in less than two hours for the contest.

Nana Boakye Ababio of Toase SHS came in to rebut points of opponents, arguing the country rakes in more money through tourism which is driven by arts.

The Toase team sailed through even though Janice Opoku Agyemang tried had to refute claims of opponents.

Anglican Senior High School booked their ticket to the final stage of the prelims, awaiting winners of Kumasi Girls- Toase SHS contest.

“Unfulfilled expectation at the workplace is responsible for the rise in corruption in Ghana,” was the topic for debate in the contest to decide who qualifies to the next stage of the contest.

‘The Disciples’ of KASS presented fresh debaters to square up with their opponents.

The fresh pair of Deborah Bada and Korankyewaa Bediako, managed to secure the ticket for their school.

The two had argued job insecurity and low remuneration are major causes of corruption.

“A worker taking the minimum wage monthly will less than 396 cedis a month, hence, the tendency to engage in corruption, ”Miss Bediako argued.

Hard-hitting Nana Ababio of Toase SHS discounted the position, insisting greed is at the bottom of graft.

At the end of the contest, the judges scored 140 to 132 in favour of Anglican Senior High School.

They join Kumasi High School for a place in the last 16 of the 2019 Luv FM High School Debate.

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