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WHY oh WHY?? By Caleb Opoku Oppong (OWASS)

Proper preparation is the key to success in any mission
To give yourself motivation and plot out a course of action
A writer must do this
And tap into an abyss
An abyss of reason with answers to the question, Why?
As a writer my inspiration is drawn from when I…when I…
When I what?
Honestly I lack singular genesis for any word
That might sound absurd but hear me out
And I’m not just saying that to make my skill look stout
It’s just that I never know what I’m about
Till I pick up a paper and start out
It could be her, it could be fear
It could be a problem I can’t solve
Or then again even disjointed improv
It could be the strings of my heart vibrating
Or the logic of my mind communicating
Processing everything in this life I live
Yes! That’s it! To have life, to love, to love this life I live
Love is why I write
I love her, I love to not fear
Problem, I love to solve
I love using disjointed improv
I love playing the strings of my heart
I love jotting the logic, my brains art
I write cause I love
And I love what I write
So if ever I’m asked why I write
I’ll never loose sight of the fact that I love

Why?-Caleb Opoku Oppong (Opoku Ware School)

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