Wednesday , September 22 2021
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Covid-19 Piece: The Uninvited Guest

The streets look innocent but how can it be trusted??
The sidewalls look friendly but dangerous than that of the highway..
The birds are humming in silence and the frogs are ceasing to croak
What happened to humanity that has made us to be the service of time?
Normalcy has ceased to function because a neighbour cannot be trusted
In our ignorance of sleep, an unwelcomed visitor invaded our closets without giving the world a notice
A visitor who had the power to erase the chain of humanity
A visitor we least expected who came without giving a call
We shall overcome once again
May the Good Lord give our scientists the knowledge to be able to bring up a vaccine to end the reign of this unwelcomed visitor
Togetherness we rise but this time togetherness we fall and divided we survive
In as much as we know not when he will say the final goodbye, I pray that the Good Architect of this universe protect and save humanity through this trial time once again.
May He give our scientists the knowledge to find a vaccine to end this pandemic and sack Covid 19, say a final goodbye to this unwanted visitor.. Thank you..

Stay home, stay safe @BOS THE POET
Spread calm not fear
Keep the faith
©Simon_OB, APRIL 2020

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