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Poetry: The Dreadful Corona Virus By:Gariba Mohammed (Dompoase SHS)

By Gariba Mohammed Maahi (Dompoase SHS, Adansi North)

Like birds, COVID 19 sojourns the globe
with electric speed as do rockets
your red flag hoisted in globe
keeps man’s hand always in pockets
Indeed! You are to us a menace
and knowledgeable ignorants are learners

Like rain showers, COVID 19 is everywhere
television and radio are now the mission
we constantly ask why and where?
still struggling for cure, our vision
we are giving you the attention
but it has become to us apprehension

Like radio, COVID 19 changes its frequency
your rhythmic rhythm always in our ears
sparks in us unforgettable emergency
Oh! The tolls lament before our eyes
we carry them to the next world
and we ask ourselves what a world?

Like hurricane, COVID 19 sweeps the land
of its valuable creature, man
Your cruising private jet is the hand
you multiply in the world like woman
man must take sober reflection
and that is the best not objection

Like earthquake, COVID 19 shakes nations
Yes! So called powerful are on their knees
begging for mercy are their fashions
You are mowing man like weeds
The powerless man is really humbled
for indeed he has fumbled

Like the volcano, COVID 19 erupted institutions
sending them parking hurriedly home
Hm! The timely intervention of constitutions
become the breathing space at home
Those you lure into your irksome bed
struggle with your icy hands in the bed

Like social media, COVID 19 has gone viral
On Facebook, Twitter, so we ask, Whatsapp?
Is it the dawn of God’s trial?
Man is ignorantly busy on Whatsapp
Indeed! We are soaked in pool of sins
On our knees, God forgive our sins

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