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Poetic Piece: WHEN WILL THIS DOOM PASS By: Richmond Opoku Prempeh (St. George’s SHS)

By: Richmond Opoku Prempeh.[Riches Crown]
St.George cath.S.H.S

When I look over the horizon of this pandemic, I see what is coming…
It is waves of pain, moments of boredom, tides of sorrow, winds of endurance and hope, all threaded together.
Out of the blue you made your self nkown by the route of Wuhan a city of China.
Slowly like a criminal you sneaked into hearts of countries all over the world.You led our loved ones into the cold hands of death,giving our family a new home in the land of the dead.
You have made yourself popular and famous by appearing in the headlines of News on T.v and front pages of News Papers. You have made National , Economic, Social and religious activities to be on halt. You have seperated us from our loved ones by imposing on us a 2metres social distancing denying us a hug or even a handshake. Even to the extent of a lockdown in complete isolation. The use of alcohol based hand sanitizers has become a must. Regular washing of hands with soap under running water has become part and puzzle of us…And kept us mute with the wearing of a nose mask.You are invisible waging this war upon us,and making it seem like the end time to us… “You must bear the loses like a soldier a voice told me. Bravely without hesitation and complaint. And when the day seems lost grap your shield for another stand.And that is the juncture that seperates heroes from the merely strong. Our fingers are crossed as we all hope for a cure.A cure that will end this doom once and for all.Lock your doors for he roams on the streets like a thief looking for a place to steal for like an assassin you never nkow its target…..”

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