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Amazing Piece: The Lighted Coal By:Tracy Asamoah (St. Louis SHS)


To the newborn baby, it was a walk of joy
A walk filled with happy moments which would last forever
To the teenager, it was an adventure
One to discover all the species of creatures buried within the soils of land
To the man, it was a battle
A fight of the brain and not of brawn

But to me, it was a puzzle, one without a lasting solution
It felt like a maze where one door would lead to many other secret paths
Where the actual entrance and exit was never known
Within the doors that led to these secret paths
People belittled me
People ridiculed me
I became the laughing stock in my world
I was denigrated
But something kept me going
Something pushed me harder
The fire within begged to be ignited
It begged to allow its spark takeover every fibre of my being
Then did I make up my mind to stop finding the exit of the maze
But rather, keep on discovering all the secret paths
To light up the fire in me
To make it blaze
And then would I come to the bottom of this conundrum
To make them see that am not just a black coal
But a lighted coal which would devour all obstacles just so to reach the peak of the mountain of her dreams .
By:Tracy Asamoah. St Louis SHS

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