Friday , September 17 2021
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Why exchange fair elections for war?
Why should we start fights,
When we can do it right?
It is time to make a change
But not to act strange
Let us rise up and take the chance
For peace is priceless

Why destroy lives,
When we have few years to live?
Why do we create fear,
When all our days are filled with tears?
We can make peace
Only if we choose (to take) it

For decades, our forefathers have toiled for peace
Why then, should we exchange it with war,
When we can choose to be fair?
Peace is priceless
Let us not exchange it for something less
Let us stand to take charge,
Let us rise to be the change.

Composed by: Miss Litendai Mawuenyo Mawutor-Horvey

Dedicated to: All Nations in the season of elections

By Miss Litendai Mawuenyo Mawutor-Horvey(SDASS)

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