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Orientation Program for 2020/2021 ARSRC Executives

Ignorance of the law may not be a proper excuse as a leader. That is why the ARSRC seek to educate it members and executive each year in the form of an orientation to inculcate the ways of the SRC into them as student leaders. 

         This years orientation saw the new elected executives being oriented on the foundations, body and proceedings of the council. The orientation saw the executives being educated on the affairs of the ARSRC, giving a mentorship on leadership skills and lastly, a power point presentation by each committee displaying their plans for the year. We believe that every rich orientation has to come down with experience people to educate the members about a leader, how to become a good leader, what to do as a leader, how to do things as a leader and more. And all these qualities where found during this years orientation. 

       The ARSRC being the Ashanti regional  student representative council is a body that seek to ensure a demonstration free environment, being the mouth piece of students in the region and also to influence government policies to benefit students in the region and at large. It activities are done to ensure the activism of student in all aspect of the educational sector and as student leaders. All our activities are said to build a concensus relationship among schools in Ashanti region. 

  The ARSRC works on a structure that determines body of decision making at a particular period time. That is 

 CONGRESS(being the highest decision body making. 


Regional general meeting 


Regional executive committee


Zonal executive committee


Literary group executive committee


WDS executive committee


Editorial committee


Local executive committee. 

Local executive committee being the last set of the foundation of the ARSRC, without them the ARSRC can not be active and achieve it set goals. 


Tips on how to become a successful leader. 

As a leader one need to be ;

1. Tolerance

2. Always plane what to do during the subsequent days (have a foresight)

3. Do not be authoritative but rather democratic. 

4. As a leader you should always go the way for the members to follow not show the way for them to go. 

5. You should be innovative in everything you do. 

6. You should be ready to accept critics. 

7. Choose the servant leadership. 

   We believe that an orientation should have this and more to shape the leaders well. An orientation does not grant a successful office but rather educate you on how to gain a successful office. Determination and perseverance will also help one to become a successful leader and have a successful tenure of office. 

      Truly we are for student, for truth, for progress     ARSRC

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