Friday , September 17 2021
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What are you waiting for?

What is preventing you from achieving what you hope to?

Why do you always give an excuse?

Why do you get discouraged by people’s words?

Ask yourselfare they better than you?

Are you not ready to hit your target?

Are you afraid of failing?

If no, then what is your problem?

      Never will they be better than you, NO!!

No one is better than you, even years to come they can’t be

You can make it if they made it

You always postpone, stop! and make a budget 

Set a target, aim at the apex not at the middle 

Start working on your goals

Motivate yourself. Know your purpose 

Now is the perfect time to start 

Because you won’t always be last but rather be first one day

Tell yourself “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” And you will be at the apex .

Be a blessing not a burden .


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