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What do you have to tell,
If there is no pain felt?
Some trials
Are like rivals
But if you remain strong,
All will turn to songs
No pain, no gain

Nothing is achieved on a sliver platter
You should first suffer
Because later,
There would be a raised banner
No pain, no gain

You never laugh
When life is tough
The road being rough
Does not mean you are on the wrong path
No pain, no gain

When fears
Draw near
While your peers
Are in cheers
Believe that you can bear
Because it is something mere
No pain, no gain

All life miseries
Will turn to history
There would be a time for victory
Do not rush to make things easy
Because if there is no pain, there won’t be any gain.

Composed by: Miss Veronica Oduro Boateng (SDASS)

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