Saturday , September 18 2021
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Shackles on my feet, they wont let me be
Want you to set me free, break this hold on me
Worries on my brains, pam on my mind
Millions of chains trying to pull me from behind
Ask me how I’m doing, I say I’m fine
But the best I can do is hide the pain inside
Let me go, let me go
You blindfolded me and made me do things that I didn’t know
Everyone I sit and plan on how to get to my goals
I end up being brain waded and give up to my foes
When I try to progress all I go is downwards
I got things on my mind, how can I stay focused
You got my hands tied but I really want to fight
Got the shackles off my feet, get the chains of my tight
I wish I could list but this load is not so light
But I know I’ll surely break free and soar high


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