Saturday , September 18 2021
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In this life, never try to impress others
If you try to, you will kill yourself.
If you bring down the moon, they will say you should have brought the Stars instead
If you bring them the stars, they will say they need the sky indeed.
No Matter who you are, what you are, wherever you are
They’ll never appreciate you unless they loss you
Never mind if they care less, if they love not
And if they don’t appreciate
Do yourself, don’t do them
Never say never, before the never comes
Try harder till they get weaker, everybody is on a mission
Everybody’s mission is a different one
But rather don’t let their words destroy your mission
Don’t let their failures discourage you vision
Their faith and fate cannot determine your success at the end
Remember, they don’t appreciate
They care less, they love not
They want your downfall so they care less
They want your downfall so they love not
They don’t appreciate so if you fall then there is no need for them to appreciate you
Forget them and move on because they don’t appreciate.


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