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A must-read article on COVID 19.

It’s obvious that any initiative has it’s opposite sides; it may be positive or negative. Why then do we rely on the stands of the negative? The release of a prisoner is to reform or be worse, that is how covid-19 was born. The mystery of an alien on earth has led to winding ways in our live. However, the questions is, has covid-19 done more harm than good——-? Covid-19 is a pandemic that was discovered in Wuhan (China) on the 31st of December 2019.Some of this effect of the pandemic has been elaborated below:
To start with, covid-19 as a pandemic has led to the reduction of population. This is due to the fact that a lot of people have not been adhering to the Covid-19 protocols and others have the perception that covid-19 does not exist. A lot of people have contracted the virus but do not show any symptoms of the disease and these people are referred to as asymptomatic patients.
According to a certain journal, if one person contracts this virus, he shares it with three people unknowingly and the three people also infect the virus with other six people which has caused the rampant spread of the disease. This has led to the depopulation of the people especially the aged across the world.
Moreover, this pandemic has affected the educational sector. Due to social distance, students are not allowed to go to their classrooms to learn as it was during the normal times. Students now learn online using some educational application and video conferences with their colleagues and the teachers. Students who don’t get access to these educational applications lag behind in learning and this brought about poor academic performance among these young ones who are our future leaders.
Indeed covid-19 is the great destroyer of persons. Therefore we should be mindful of whatever thing we do and observe the covid-19 protocols because this killer disease is real.

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