Wednesday , September 22 2021
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EVERYDAY GHANAIAN LIFE By: Emnanuella Osei Owusu (Kofi Agyei SHTS)

Everyday Ghanaian life’
Comes with culture and tradition,
That has always been our heritage,
It has been passed down to us from age to age,
Making us unique among other nations.
Our beads, drums and dance,
The diversity of our languages,
Our parlance,
Teach well from where we come from.
Bownire’s Kente and Obuasi’s gold,
The golden stool and the one who sits on the throne,

No coup’detat ever overthrown,
The place where we come from.
Born and raised in Ghana,
Is like watching a tragicomedy drama,
The happiness, struggles and daily hustles,
Yet we have the white painted castle.
No man’s land a phrase I have heard many a time,
Where whatever I get remains mine.
We smell the aroma of markert women at Agbobloshie,Makola and Kejetia,
The aroma of their sweats takes care of their family.
When wisdom ceases in the street,
We go to”Abrewatia”.
No bread for a man who is lazy,
Hardworking man takes the bread from the man who rests.
So dawn is filled with noises,
The vehicular voices,
Feeds families with bread,
We belong to the saying” I am because we are and we are because I am”
We care for one another wherever we are.
The everyday Ghanaian life is like a debate between two schools,
Where one holds the flag of an elephant,
And the other holds the flag of an umbrella.
I have known this since infant,
I wonder that explains my name ELLA.
These debaters arguably,
Enjoy the sweats of their audience happily,
While they say this debate has got nothing for the audience.
Why then the Tailor’s son hardly becomes a lawyer?
There is no room for the President’s son to sell on the street,
But the street pays the president.
BY:OSEI OWUSU EMMANUELLA (Kofi Agyei SHTS, Kwabre East District, Ash)

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