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Konongo Odumasi Secondary School now Senior High was officially opened on 23rd February, 1953 as the first second-cycle institution in Asante Akyem area with 21 boys and 5 girls.

The twin communities, Konongo and Odumasi were beneficiaries of the 1951 Gold Coast Government plan towards the education in the country called: “Accelerated Development Plan for Education”.

The local opinion leaders had monitored with much concern with the difficulties students from Asante Akyem area encountered in seeking admission to further their education.

When the idea of starting a secondary school for the people in Asante Akyem area started, the two towns – Konongo and Odumasi engaged in a fierce struggle to ensure that each had the advantage of hosting the school. The leaders later on found a sense in the saying that: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. The differences between the two-sister towns were therefore calmly settled to enable the temporary structure called “Biafra”used to start the school.

With the selfless efforts, dedication, and sacrifice the following citizens did everything possible to get the school started and get a permanent location through Konongo-Odumasi urban council. The heroes whose efforts are bearing fruits now for the whole nation were: Mr. Charles De Graft Dickson Member of Parliament for Asante Akyem, Mr. Ben Barden, Opanin D. E. Abedi Addai (once counselor at Juaben Traditional Council), Mr. F. R. A. Gyamfi (once Sumamuhene of Odumasi), Nana Kwabena Kyei (Gyaasehene of Odumasi), Nana Yaw Fosu (Krontehene of Odumasi), Nana Kofi Akoi II (Odumasehene), Nana Yaw Sarpong II Juabenhene.

Nana Kwadwo Akyeampong Konongohene and his elders were also very instrumental in fighting for the establishment of the school.

It is necessary to remember the contribution of some individuals who donated or rented their houses to be used by the school as the dormitories. Opanin Kwadwo Duah House, now  Odumasi Police Station was used for the residence of the First Headmaster of the school; Mr. B. Spio Garbrah. The house of Opanin Yaw Dwomo was rented for the girls while the boys used Opanin Kwaku Krah’s house.

When the government decided to make KOSS a full fledging secondary school the Ministry of Education relied on Mr. B. Spio Garbra and Mr. D. A. Agyei who later became the 6th Headmaster of the school while Nana Akoi II chose Maame Akosua Num, Nana Yaw Fosu, Opanin Kwabena Nketiah, Opanin Asomaning, Opanin D. E. Abedi Addai and others to represent Odumasi chiefs and elders.

Opanin D. E. Abedi Addai was made the caretaker of the Book Depot opened by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at Odumasi. Some of the books were sold on credit to citizens of Konongo-Odumasi and their environs and it benefited them a lot. (Source, Nana Kofi Antwi I, Odumasehene).


Mr. D. A. Agyei and Mr. Spio-Garbrah could be described as Jacks of all trade as they were teaching all the subjects when the school started in 1953 until Mr. Addison joined the staff in 1954.

In 1961, works commenced on the permanent structures of the school. Just a decade after establishing the school i.e. 1963 the administration block, science and one storey 12 unit classroom block and two storey flats were ready for use. During the movement of the students to the new site, some students chose to remain at their former place and popularly named the place Biafra perhaps consistent with the then political development in Nigeria where the Eastern Nigeria wanted to break away from the rest of the country to form Rep. of Biafra.

The school began to grow by leaps and bounds and its achievements become more noticeable, especially in sports. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. E. Ofori Addo, the 5th Headmaster the school reached unprecedented levels in sports. In football and athletics the school was a force to reckon with. The successes chalked in sports won her the accolade “Great KOSS”.

There is a saying that: “One must not put all his eggs in one basket”. With a lot of achievements in sports the attention was then shifted to the academic work. Academic wise the school was highly rated so it was not surprise that in 1965/66 academic year, the school was accredited to run Advanced (A’ Level) courses.

With the introduction of Sixth Form course the school became a heaven for many students from far and near.

In 1957, the first ever expatriate teacher joined the staff. She was Miss H. m. George, who came on transfer from Aburi Girls. When Mr. Spio Garbrah left the school to join Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in 1958, he was replaced by Mr. H. O. Donkor.

In 1962 two expatriate teachers, Miss Muctilke and Mr. L. Wulff both with B.A degreesjoined the staff. Later in the year Mr. R. M. Bulkeley (B.A Oxford) and Rev. J. K. Fiabgor replaced Mr. H. O. Donkor who had been transferred to Sekondi. Some months later in the year three other expatriates Mr. Alexander Drowrson from Russia, Mr. L. H. Q. Ackbah a Pakistani and Miss Mervile (a member of American Peace Corp) joined the staff.

Just like most of the schools in the country, KOSS was seriously hit by teachers’ exodus to Nigeria between 1976 and1983, however, the situation began to reverse by 1990’s. By 2003 the school had 78 members of staff, majority of them being graduates. Most of the present members of staff are dedicated, hardworking and willing to do types, despite a high teacher-student ratio.

In 2012/13 academic year the staff strength stood at 120, 99 males and 21 females.

The main problems facing the staff are lack of enough accommodation and means of transport for the members who stay outside the campus.

With the increase in the number of staff, staff bungalows and structures in the school, the performance has been improving greatly.

(Source: School Records)


Mission & Vision



To ensure that students comply with school rules and regulations and to provide them with relevant inputs that will enhance teaching and learning to realize the vision of the school.



To achieve academic excellence through discipline and to mould the character, conduct and behaviour of students to become useful to themselves, as well as upright citizens of the country at large.

Crest & Anthem



Like all other institutions, KOSS owns a SCHOOL CREST unique to her aspiration. The School Crest is found on all official letterheads, the sign board, files, exercise books etc of the School. It symbolizes the School’s official sanction and authority. The Crest was designed by the first Headmaster, Mr. B. Spio Garbrah who was an artist.



The School Crest is composed of a shield divided into three (3) parts with a yellow background rimmed with green thick lines.

The yellow background is symbolic of the richness of the land on which the school is located while the green border-line symbolizes the green rich forest of the traditional area. These two colours are the official colours of the School.

At the top left corner of the shield are three rings joined together, a symbol of unity implying the unity between Konongo and Odumasi through the School. The establishment of the School nearly failed as result of the intense struggle the twin towns engaged in, in terms of siting the School. This was amicably settled later, hence the reflection of the rings as a sign of unity.

Implements (Tools):
The order side of the shield the top right corner is found a hoe, a cutlass and a mattock, all farming implements, symbolizing dignity in labour.
The founding fathers of the School believed that education should aim at the total development of one’s personality and that the instruction was not to train students only for academic excellence but to realize that there is dignity in labour.

Down the two squares at the top lies a lion representing the authority of the traditional owner of the land, Juabenehene. The Lion is the totem of Juabenehene.

Below the shield is the motto of the School “BAANU YԐ” literality translated as “THERE IS STRENGTH IN UNITY”. This is a clear message to the twin towns Konongo and Odumasi the need to bury their pretty squabbles and unite for a better future.

Year of establishment:
Side by side the motto is the inscription 1953 reflecting the date of the establishment of the School.

Well Hail thee GREAT KOSS
Well Hail thee GREAT KOSS
We glorify thy name
We cherish our Alma Mater
And give refreshing showers
And glory shall be ours
Oh God help KOSS
We hail our school Alma Mater
Oh! Lord God Bless our school





Sports and games have continued to be part of school’s programmes since its establishment in 1953.

Physical Education lessons are taken by only the first year students for only once a week. Though the subject is non examinable, students who take their lessons seriously are indirectly rewarded with discipline, healthy growth, intelligence, moral and emotional stability.

KOSS has always taken part in all sporting disciplines –athletics, football, hockey, table tennis. Volley ball and basketball. In all these disciplines, the school had never missed out of the top ten contenders in the region.



In 1966, KOSS won the Ashanti Regional Schools and Colleges Football Championship trophy under the captainship of Sampson Osei Agyekum (Pele) when they beat T. I Ahmadiyya Secondary School in the finals.

The then headmaster of the school Mr. Ofori Addo provided the needed support and incentives to enable the school defeat the Presbyterian Training College on their backyard – Akropong Akuapim .That school was then the Eastern Region Champion.

In 1970’s Ernest Papa Arko became the captain of the school as well as Kumasi Asante Kotoko. Though Arko was smallish his talents and skills deceived and scared the bigger boys in the opposing teams. It was no wonder KOSS dominated in the regional soccer competition during Arko’s days. Other prominent sportmen produced in 1970’s and 80’s included Asante Charles Senior and Junior, Eric Appiah Badu, Justice Prebi and Asiedu Mensah.

The educational reforms in 1980’s with its attendants bloated syllabi and loaded timetable hampered effective development of sports in schools.

Between 1998 and 2003, Mr. K. A. Yamoah and the sports committee devised means of improving sports in the school. The results of the programmes adopted yielded positive results. The girls’ athletics team won the zonal athletics competition 2001 and 2002 and placed 6th in the Supper Zonals in 2001.

Some of the outstanding sports boys and girls produced were Janet Amoah, Mavis Adjei and Diana Amoah.

In the boys division outstanding athletes who helped the school to place 2ndbehind Opoku Ware School were George Adu Amankwa (Deputy Ashanti Regional Sports Captain), Michael Bekoe (Owen), Patrick Bekoe, Patrick Coffie, Aduse Poku and Fredua Agyeman who scored 5 goals in a match against Beposo Senior High School in 2001.

Between 2005 and 2012 a lot of sports boys and girls were produced and prominent ones among them were Rabiu Mohammed (now playing FC Kuban Krasnodar and Black Stars).

When Rabiu and others left the school, the school football team became weak but started picking up gradually from 2010/2011 academic year when the team reached quarter finals but lost (2-1) to T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School.

In 2012, the team reached finals after beating T. I. Ahmadiyya (7-6) in quarter finals,beat Juaben Senior High School (3-1) in the Semi Finals but unfortunately lost (2-0) to the regional champion, Adu Gyamfi Senior High School.



In 2011, both the boys and the girls’ teams placed 2nd in Zone 5 inter-Co athletics competition. In 2012, the school’s athletics teams won first position in both the girls and boys divisions and performed creditably to get call ups for regional teams.

Outstanding athletes produced by the school between 2010 and 2013 included Dorcas Gyima 100m (National Junior Champion competed in Nigeria, Malaysia and Finland). Roberta Owusu Sarfo (2013 Gold Medalist in 4x100m for Ashanti Region), Prince Owusu (Gold Medalist in Pole Vault (he became the national Champion in SSS division), Adizatu Sulemana (Silver Medalist in 100m Hurdles) and Akakia Atampuri (3rd in 2013 Accra Marathon).



The school has produced some finest girls’ hockey players for the region and the nation at large, viz: Linda Sasu, Martha Sarfowaa, Queensilla Shaibu, Cecilia Amoako (all with Ghana Police Service) Linda Sasu is a member of Senior National Hockey team while Martha Sarfowaa captained Ghana Under 20 team to German Hockey World Cup.

At the regional level the girls hockey team was beaten at the finals by KNUST SHS whiles the boys participating for the first time but placed place 4th.

Athletes selected into Ashanti Regional Team for 2013 Sports Festivals were;

  1. Prince Owusu  – Pole Vault (won Gold)
  2. Adizatu Sulemana – 100m Hurdles/Under 17 Hockey Captain (won Gold in Hockey and silver in 100m hurdles)
  3. Roberta Owusu Sarfo – won 2 Gold Medals in Hockey and 4x100m
  4. Bernice Asiedu – won Gold in Hockey
  5. Asampana Nsor – Captain of Ashanti Regional Football Team
  6. Dennis Owusu Ansah – Striker, Ashanti Regional Football Team
  7. Emmanuel Osei – Defender, Regional Team

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