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 The official name of the school is Kumasi Girls Senior High School often shortened to ‘Kumasi Girls’. It is however popularly known as KUGISS. Both the present and the past students of the school is known as ‘AHEMMAA’.

The  term and title AHEMMAA has the symbolic, inspirational meaning of EXCELLENCE or the EXCELLENCE IN CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT in other important fields of human endeavor, and in the ability to keep FAITH IN THE FACE OF TERRIBLE ODDS , as proclaimed in the motto of the school ,”SEMPER FIDELIS” meaning “ALWAYS FAITHFUL” or “ALWAYS WITH FAITH’’.


Kumasi Girls’ is located at Abrepo, beyond Boyen, off Barekese road. The school stands on a beautiful high plateau as if to say “all the world is not a common flat plain”. The school shares the plateau at the southern gate. This is just about eight (8) kilometers from Kejetia.

Brief History;

Kumasi Girls’ was started as a private secondary school for girls in the late 1950s by Caxton Williams, a Sierra Leonean. At first the school was situated at Susanso, near Bomso junction on the Kumasi-Accra road

In the early 1960’s the proprietor moved the school to old Tafo where it remained in the rented premises till 1992 when the school started to move to its present and permanent site at Abrepo. As the running of the school became more difficult for the proprietor, the government took over in 1963, so the Regional Education office appointed Miss Beatrice Kankam as the first Headmistress of the school. The first batch of students to leave the school in 1968 numbered only twenty (20). Today the population has grown to two thousand eight hundred students (2800), with one hundred and five (105) teachers and about ninety (90) non-teaching staff.

In 1969, Mrs. Agnes Kyei became the Acting Headmistress and it was under her administration that the process towards the acquisition of a new site started. She left in 1972 and the Regional Education Office replaced her with Mr. E. Boateng as an interim head. In September 1973, Mrs. Mary Abu-Bakr took over as the head and later executed the final arrangement for the site. She was succeeded in 1978 by Lydia Afriyie Amoako.

The school faced many challenges. The whole of the schools’ activities had been conducted in rented accommodation. The landlords continually demanded their property of the school. This affected the students’ performance in their final examination. Development of the land acquired for the new site was delayed until 1979 when a 15-unit classroom block was started by the government of Ghana .Unfortunately, the work was delayed until 1990 when thanks to the implementation of the new Educational Reform, money was voted to rehabilitate and complete the new block.

1992 was the turning point in the schools’ fortunes when the school was ejected from the rented building which housed the Administration block at Tafo. This resulted in the use of the uncompleted block at the new site for Administration and Hostel.1992 was also the year when the then Headmistress Ms Lydia  Afriyie Amoako sent one-third of the school population to the uncompleted buildings at the new and present site despite its unfinished state. Under the motherly care of Miss Gladys Boadu, the then senior housemistress, the students were able to stay at the new site though under difficult conditions and finally in 1994 the whole population moved to the current site where the students and the administration staff were using classrooms as dormitories and offices respectively.

An urgent appeal was made to the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Daniel Ohene Agyekum, who immediately ordered a bungalow to be built for the Headmistress and also a dormitory and an administration block for the school with these buildings and what the Parent Teacher Association provided, the school settled down finally at the present site Abrepo.

The School Crest and Motto;

The shield has been divided with a cross into four columns. The book symbolizes our search for power through knowledge; the stool symbolizes our recognition of traditional power through heritage of loyalty as well as aspiration to dominate our land-bound the powers of nature; The eagle symbolizes king of the skies, while the sky itself symbolizes our highest Aspirations-hence our aspiration to dominate all sky-bound powers of nature and to aspire to the highest   possible heights. The sea or the water-body dimension of our heritage symbolizes our aspiration to dominate the water-bound forces of our environment.

Activities of the school

Inter-house athletics competition, Entertainments, Republic day jamboree, Old Girls Association Congress, Carols Night, Revival services, SRC week celebrations, All Must Learn For Fun Quiz (ALMULEFF) etc.

Board of Governors

The school is run under the advisory guidance of a constitutionally mandated board of Governors whose membership is made up of an educational institution. The board represents the Government of Ghana and advises the school administration with the objective of ensuring that the school operates within the general framework of the Governments educational policies.


The day to day administration of the school rests with the Headmistress, Ms. Margaret McDavis Asamoah Jonas her assistances – Ms. Afia Sarpong Bonsu (Academics), Mrs. Cecilia Nana Yeboah (Domestic), Mrs. Felicia Asamoah (Administration) and the Senior Housemistress – Ms. Matilda Gyamera who is also assisted by the House staff in charge of the boarding system. The school’s finance officer is Mr. Godfred Anane, the Deputy Chief Accountant, assisted by auxiliary staff made up of Domestic Bursar, Assistant Accountants Account clerks. The academic staff under various heads of department also assists with the administration of the school.