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 The Methodist church established the school in 1940, apparently to fill a vacuum left by the establishment of Mmofraturo Girls Boarding School. The Church needed a middle boarding school for only boys.

The school started in a located directly opposite Freeman College, Kumasi, Ghana. Within a few years, the enrolment shot up and as a result, the church began look a permanent site for the school. The leadership of the church went to Manhyia to find a parcel of the land for construction of the school. Fortunately, the Akroponghene at that time, Nana kwabena Sarfo II, had earlier on informed Otumfour Sir Osei Agyemang Prempeh II, about his disappointment over a land he had offered to a group of  people to build a school, which they refused to take.

Otumfour sir Agyemang Prempeh II, shown keen interest in building the school.

He further directed that the school be name after Otumfour Sir Osei Tutu, the founder of the Asante kingdom. In recognition of the effort by Otumfour, Sir Agyemang II and Kwabina Sarfo II, Akroponghene, the two premier houses in the school were named after them.

The founding Headmaster was Rev. Arthur W. Banks, M.A, and, after whom Banks house is named. Rev0 Banks was assisted by Messrs A.C Denteh and Eric Awuah.

From the beginning, Osei Tutu has produced illustrious sons. There were 13 pupils in the initial class. The initial class produced such prominent Ghanaians such as Dr. Charles Graham, one time senior lecturer of KNUST, Mr. Isaac Oguame Tettey, B.Sc., B com (former solicitor and advisor to the Bank of Ghana), Peter James Adjei (one time great footballer and coach of the Black Stars) , and Mr. Peter Kofi ,B.A.B. Com one time resident in the UK Eminent citizens such as His excellency former President J.A kuffour(one time minister of Defense) and Justice Amoah Sakyi , Chairman of the National reconciliation commission and a host of others have passed through the Middle Boarding School.

In February 1946, the school under Mr. J.G Quansah, Manager of Avenida Hotel, and Accra relocated to the present site, enrolment at that time was 120 boys under the supervision of 5 teachers. The school as however closed down in November 1954 because parents could not pay the increased fees.

On November 24, 1955 the school reopened as a two-year certificate “B” Training College with the late Mr. A.K. Folson as the first principal. The teacher training phase began with 60 students and 5 Tutors. By 1956 the infrastructure including four two story dormitories, each with an attached staff accommodation. Six classrooms, one craft shed, a kitchen and a principal bungalow had been built. Mr. Folson died on 28th July, 1961 and is memorialized in Folson house. He was succeeded by Rev.C.k Yamoah, B.D. (Lord), and a onetime president of the Methodist church of Ghana in September 1961.

Osei Tutu College grew significantly under Rev. Yamoah. The college changed from 2-year certificate “B” to a4 year certificate “A” infrastructurally, the college expanded as well. In 1965 a new two storey dormitory was added to accommodate 120 students. Construction of a large dinning-cum-assembly Hall, a Library, a Science block and three detached staff bungalows were completed in 1968.

Rev. C.K Yamoah also added three more bungalows from the unspent balance of college grants. In addition to these, electricity and pipe borne water were also provided by the government I 1968.

On 22nd September, 1966, Mr. J.O.T. Ansah, B.A. (Hons) D.A, ED. succeeded Rev. Yamoah as Principal. Enrolment then was 166 students with 11 tutors. Further expansion was vigorously pursed with a new layout of the campus with the provision of spring beds, foam mattresses, and furniture for staff bungalows which were built from College reserved funds since 1969. Total enrolment in 1971/72 was 386. Osei Tutu Training College excelled academically and in sports and always placed among the top five Training Colleges in Ghana. Osei tutu training College was one of the many Training Colleges that were converted to secondary Schools. Osei Tutu training College was administered as a dual institution until the training component was phased out in 1975.

Paapa J.O.T Ansah led the Training College into the Secondary era and was succeeded by Mr. Amo Polley, the then Vice principal. Since then other Headmasters who have in charge of the school are listed below.

Peprah-Yeboah house, was named after Very Rev. Samuel Peprah-Yeboah, the eleventh headmaster for his contribution in the development of the school.

PROGRAMMES OFFERED                                   ELECTIVES
Business                             a.  Accounting, Business Management, Elec. Maths, Costing
                                           b. Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Costing
General Agriculture                Gen. Agric, Crop Husbandry, Elec. Maths, Physics
General Science                  a. Biology, Chemistry, Elec. Maths, Physics
General Arts                       a. French, Government, Elec. Maths, English Literature &
                                                   Twi (Asante)
                                            b. Economics, Government, Geography & Elec. Maths
                                            c. C.R.S, Economics, Government/History, English
                                            d. C.R.S, Economics, History & Music
 Visual Arts                            a. G.K.A, Economics, Textile & Picture making
                                            b. G.K.A, Elec. Maths, Graphic design, Sculpture



Osei Tutu Senior High School is a Methodist institution which is in partnership of parent, guidance, the traditional community, District Assembly, the Government of Ghana and other stakeholders such as the old students. The school has been set up to achieve a high level of academic, spiritual and moral excellence with a view to serve as a touch bearer to reflect the hopes and aspirations of Ghanaians in general and Asanteman in particular.


My utmost for his highest

Arise OT and shine

With the lord on our side

There is no course to fear

We fight as valiant scholars

To achieve academic laurels

We run the straight race

To set the pace


Arise OT and shine

Abrempong arise and shine

Mother OT says arise

Arise and shine.

The task is not yet over

So onward still we press

When united great stars stands

The sky is our limit

We to build our nation

Our mother land of God

Learned men of this great land

Sing with voice of dreams.



‘Oo Heavenly king! Look down from above. Assist us to sing thy mercy and love’ as the Methodist hymnal 7 says, “become our prayer!” .The SRC Executives of Osei Tutu Senior high school for 2016/2017 academic year by standing for students, for truth and for progress as the SRC slogan entail has choked many success.

For the first time in the school, the local SRC came up with the idea of interrogating students in various prefectorial positions, which was one of the most efficient way of making sure prefects impart their best in their fields of work.

We paid serious attention to form meetings since that was the most effective way of soliciting ideas from students as to their opinion about how the school should be run and as such most of our agenda for the various SRC meetings held during our tenure of office were based on the solicited ideas from the form meetings. Through this, harmonious living and peaceful co-existence among members of the “O.T community” became a hall mark of the school.

With the immense work of the SRC Executives, discipline level on campus has highly improved. That is, we have been able to stop students from going to the canteen or loitering around during morning preps which has helped both the student body and the administration as a whole.

Furthermore, there has been a massive improvement in the sanitation of the school due to the provision of dustbins which was a major obstacle for us to overcome. Dustbins are now in abundance which has helped in preventing littering of the school. Students now have a convenient way of throwing away trash thanks to the SRC being active in their work as Student’s Representatives.

During the Regional festival of Arts, the local literary Group under the SRC took the first position in both drama and sight singing. Awards were also received for choreography and poetry recital.

Indeed we were not surprised to have the Local Literary group of O.T emerging in the first position during the ARSRC Talefest Drama Competition.




Pentecost Students Association (PENSA):

They have the largest number of membership on campus so far.

Ghana Methodist Students Union (GHAMSU):

They are known as the sons of the school. The reason being that the school is a Methodist school. They are the second largest in terms of membership.

National Union of Presbyterian Students-Ghana (NUPS-G):

So far nothing more or less can be said about them, they are just awesome.

Ghana National Association of Adventist Students (GNAAS):

They are called the Sabbatherians, their period of worship is sometimes interrupted by some activities in the school, yet their seriousness is felt.

Catholic Students Union (CASU):

Here comes the sons of mother Mary. They are not many but very active with their service.

Church Of Christ Students Union (COCSU):

Nothing much can be said about them they just active and gentle in Christ.

Apostolic Students Association (APOSA):

Their willingness to serve Christ is really something to behold. APOSA ALL THE ALL THE WAY.

Deeper Life Students Outreach (DLSO):

So far they have the least membership but that does not stop them from serving their creator

Ghana Muslim Student Association (GMSA):

The fact that this school is a Christian institution does not restrict the Muslims student from worshipping. They are dedicated and punctual during times of worship.

Red Cross Society:

Saving life has always been their utmost priority. They are popularly called the school doctors.

School Choir:

It is arguably OT’s most valuable and industrious group on campus. Winning has always been their aim, that’s to say they won the 2014/2015 Ashanti Regional School Choirs of the year.

Writers and Debaters Club:

Debaters’’ club, the mention club of such kind  in the Atwima-Nwabiagya was founded by Mr. Samuel Abosi, the head of department (English Language) of Osei Tutu Senior High School, in the year 2011 during their official inauguration with a prime motive of building future leaders through this medium.

  In fact, it was a laudable idea which was embraced by some staff members, the school administration and the students as a whole.

   To this effect, on the founding day, some honorable members of the club were mandated to man, some sectors of the club. To see to its smooth administrative process.

  The day was remarked by the choosing of its president, Vice, Secretary, Organizer, Chaplain, and other student leaders.

  The club, when founded was faced with many challenges especially with finances. But God being so good despite all the setbacks we were able to sail through to this stage, the club have a membership of 75 from S.H.S 1 to 3.

Our club is binded with basic principles to make sure members conform to the norms of the club so that we can collectively attain greatest objective of becoming future leaders. Its meeting is held on Sunday and Saturdays after breakfast during student’s leisure time.

Literary Group:

Many people relate their dramas to occultic acts. This is because they have always been serious in their doings. They are twelve time ARSRC Talefest drama champions and also six times ARSRC Talefest best Actor. WE have managed to bring out the talent in our students through literary work, so far they have never been kicked out of any drama finals.

They can count themselves as one of the best literary group in Ashanti region and soon the whole Ghana. They have been allowed to represent Ashanti region Drama Competition at the National level which took place at the National Theater in Accra ad they place 4th in the competition so far what we know of sure is that if they don’t win then they believe they were cheated due to their performance level. They still continue to do what their slogan says THEY INFORM, EDUCATE AND ENTERTAIN.

Jama Group:

These are the people who can vibrate the school through singing of songs popularly known as “morale”. In fact they have every song of OT off head.

 Cadet Corps and Band:

 The Cadet Corps and its band is the face of Atwima Nwabiagya District. They are always given invitations to any special program in the district.



When it comes to academics, OT SHS stands out unique. We serve as a standard of which other schools try to rub their shoulders against. It is the home of knowledge and discipline. Osei Tutu Senior High excel in both internal and external examinations, over the years there has been a steady improvement in the grades of the students. The 2016 WACCSE results which were released this year revealed that most candidates passed with a massive improvements in the grades scored. For example of the 620 students who wrote the examination this year:


Total number of candidates


8 passes 426


7 passes 91


6 passes 39


5 passes 29


4 passes 8


3 passes 5


2 passes 1


1 pass 0


Failure 0


Absent(x) 0
Results withheld 0


Entire results cancelled 0
  • Freshers Night

This is organized after new students are admitted. During this period, newly admitted Abrempong (freshers) are welcomed into the Vacus Land of OT. Series of activates such as dance and rap battles, talent showcase etc. are organized for the freshers as initiation into the school. Competition between the various houses in the school also takes place among the freshers so as to find the house with most talented freshers.

  • Street jams

This is a form of entertainment organized once a month in an academic term on the principal streets of OT. Student gather when it’s time to witness and enjoy awesome performance by other talented students.

  • Awards Variety Show

This aspect of entertainment is what most student are always expecting to see. It is organized at the end of every academic year that is when you see the boys with fattest wallet as the students will see it and others who are exhibiting their wealth to gain an award.




The area of sport is where O.T sells its glorious name to the world. We give off our utmost best during sports activities. We really enjoy sports. No wonder we come in our numbers to the stadium during games to cheer up our athletes. It is often said that, games organized at the stadium without the presence of OT is like preparing a tea without water.


The school has won various awards in terms of sports, academics and music. Some of these are:

The school placed 4th in the regional interschool athletic competition which was held in the Baba Yara sports stadium. Also they took the 1st position in the zonal volley ball competition. In Music, our school placed 2nd in the outstanding music competition organized by Vodafone (Vodafone Icons).

In entertainment, the school which is noted to have the best drama troupe also took the 1st position once again during the Talefest Drama Competition organized by ARSRC early this year.

Again, the school through the help of the P.T.A procured a huge ultra-modern generating plant that is capable of supplying the entire school community with power any time the national grid goes off. As a result of the purchase this machine, students are now able to learn during prep period and conduct other evening programmes such as entertainment and Church service without fear of power failure.

Moreover, the school has procured 50 brand new computers to augment our stock of computers in the laboratory. With these computers teaching and learning in the computer laboratory have gotten to a whole new level.


The school is faced with numerous challenges due to current student population;

  1. The dining hall needs expansion, the hall is too small to accommodate the population of boarders in the school.
  2. The original library for students which can contain only sixty (60) students is still used as the school’s library.
  3. Of about one hundred and five permanent teachers in the school only thirty are accommodated in the school. The rest commune daily from their individual rented accommodations in town and behind.
  4. Our toilet facilities are inadequate and require additional ones and old ones need renovation to support the large population of students recent.
  5. Our Assembly Hall and Science Resource Center which has been under construction some years now still not completed.
  6. Our Science and ICT laboratories require renovation in terms the availability of tools and equipment needed for the enhancement of practical lessons.