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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful




Fomena T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School is located in the Adansi North District of Ashanti Region of Ghana.

It is popularly known as FAMOUS AMASS.

The school was established in 1968 jointly by the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam and the Adansi Traditional Council.  It was temporarily run at the Fomena Community Centre.

In 1970, the school was factored into the NUSRAT JAHAN SCHEME (Service to Humanity), introduced by Hadzrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Khalifatul Masih III) – Head of Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  This followed his visit to Ghana in 1970.  The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission then solely took over the administration and management of the school until 1987 when it was absorbed into the public system of education.

Fomena T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School moved to its present site in October, 1976.  The first Headmaster was a Pakistani Missionary teacher by name Mr. Kamaluddin Khan.  He started the school with fifteen (15) students and four(4) teachers.  The school has since its inception remained an equal opportunity offerer to all; admitting students of all background.

FAMOUS AMASS has over the years gained the admiration of its stakeholders in various fields including sports, discipline, moral training and academic prowess.


  1. To provide secular education as a solid foundation for latent development in life.
  2. To provide religious and moral education for spiritual development.
  3. To inculcate in students the sacrificial spirit of serving humanity.
  4. To make secular education accessible to the rural and deprived areas of Ghana.






To attain an enviable image in moral uprightness, discipline and academic excellence by creating enabling and conducive environment for teaching and learning.





  • General Science
  • General Agriculture
  • General Arts
  • Business
  • Visual Arts
  • Home Economics


  1. Administrative Block
  2. Classroom Blocks
  3. Girls’ Dormitory Block
  4. Boys’ Dormitory Block
  5. Science Laboratory& Equipment
  6. Visual Arts Studio
  7. Library
  8. Sick Bay
  9. Visitors Lounge
  10. Sports Field
  11. Multi PurposeSports Court
  12. Security Post
  13. Nasir Mosque



  • Improved Image of the School;
  • Improved School-Community Relationship;
  • Vibrant Board, P. T. A etc.
  • improved school discipline and feeding;
  • School Infrastructural Development: [administration Block with Boardroom, Library, Staff Common Room etc.; Girls’ Dormitory; 3-Unit Masters’ Bungalows; 3-Unit SEIP Classroom Block; 6-Unit Classroom Block; School Entrance; Visitors’ Lounge; Sick Bay; Visual Art studio; School Fence, etc];
  • Progressively Improved Academic Performance;
  • Enviable Image in Sports- Two Students on Current Ghana National Teams: Black Maidens & Black Starlets;
  • Competing National Science &Maths Quiz for three Consecutive Times (2014-2016)
  • Institution of Staff Motivation System;
  • Sustainable & Improved School Enrolment;
  • General Administration and Management (Meetings, Durbars, Form Meetings and Capacity Building and Training for Staff);
  • Improved and Regular UtilitiesSupply (i.e Acquisition of a Standby Generator, Water Pumping Machine, etc.);
  • New Courses and Programmes have also been introduced including Visual Arts, Home Economics, French, and Asante Twi;
  • Institution of Academic and Social Clubs (Academic Excellence Club, Evergreen Club, Debate Club, Literary Group etc);
  • Vibrant S. R. C.
  • Functional Staff Welfare Association;
  • Construction of Kitchen and Dining Hall Complex (under way);
  • Overhead Water Tank



  • 3rd Position (Ashanti Region) 1st National Best School and Teacher Awards in October, 2015, Tamale.
  • Enviable Records of Winning Independence Days’ Awards in Route Match, Debates, Quizzes, and Best Teacher in 2010.
  • RC Awards- Most Cooperative Head 2013 & 2016
  • R. C. Local LG Patron of the year 2016
  • Best Non – Teaching / Staff, 2015; Best Science Tutor, 2015 and others in various Positions.
  • 3rd Position in the ARSRC ACME Quiz, 2016
  • Best Poet for three consecutive years(2013 – 2015) the Talefest of the Literary Group of the ARSRC.


ADDRESS:  Fomena T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School, P. O. Box 7, Fomena.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:    0332192788 / 0322194114


Website:  www.fomenatiahmadiyya SHS


The local Students Representative Council (SRC) of FOMENA AMASS is one of the local SRCs in the Ashanti region which blends quite well with its school authority.

Through this complementary effort, the S. R. C has over the years provided several facilities to enhance teaching and learning, entertainment, sports, environment among others. The S. R. C has been very consistent in embarking on yearly projects to augment the efforts of other stakeholders of the school.

In the past five years, the council has provided the following for the school

  • A notice board
  • A digital sign post at the road side
  • A befitting visitors lounge
  • Marker Boards in all classrooms with dusters
  • Painting of classrooms
  • A 52 inch flat screen television and P. A system for entertainment
  • Drama curtains and costumes for the Literary Group
  • A modern landing foam for high jump and pole volt (sports)
  • 10 pieces of 250 litre dustbins to enhance proper sanitation

Having provided all these over the years, the council saw the need to undertake a project that will enhance the image of the school. In light of this, the 2015/2016 year group decided to provide a modern gate house and security post to uplift the image of the school.

The S.R.C believes that provision of gate house will add a facelift to the school since the first point of contact of any visitor to the school is the entrance. This will go down as one of the most valuable assets of the school which generations yet unborn will come to see.

In our view, this project is not only meant to beautify the school, but also let students appreciate the concept of strength in numbers. Parents who come to the school will appreciate why their wards must be encouraged to contribute their bid to help develop the school. It will then challenge the coming year groups to even do more in the supreme interest of the school.



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